33 foreign tourists in hospital after eating renowned Hoi An banh mi, are stable


Popular Hoi An Banh Mi Stall Causes Food Poisoning Concerns

In an unexpected turn of events, a renowned eatery in Hoi An, famed for its delectable Banh Mi, has come under scrutiny following a recent food poisoning outbreak.

What Happened: The Incident Overview

A seemingly normal day turned alarming when 141 individuals, including 33 international tourists, fell ill after consuming Banh Mi from the well-known Ms. Phuong’s stall in Hoi An.

Number of Affected Individuals

Authorities in Quang Nam Province quickly took note of the situation, confirming the total number of affected individuals.

Symptoms Experienced by the Victims

Patients presented with a range of symptoms from high fever, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, to even prolonged diarrhea.

Medical Response and Condition of the Victims

As the cases became apparent, medical professionals swung into action.

Treatment Provided

Immediate medical care, ranging from fluid and electrolyte replacement to antibiotics, was administered to the victims.

Statements from Medical Facilities

Hoi An Pacific General Hospital, attending to many of these cases, stated that while many foreign tourists are still under medical observation, their conditions are stable. Elsewhere, at Vinh Duc General Hospital in Dien Ban Town, 12 patients, including two Australians, are undergoing treatment, showing similar symptoms after eating Banh Mi from the same stall.

A Victim’s Personal Account

Viviane Campbell, a 69-year-old Australian tourist, recalled his experience, “On September 11, I stopped at the Ms. Phuong stall in Hoi An to buy a loaf of bread, and then I started getting signs of stomach ache.” His discomfort prolonged for over a day before he sought emergency care.

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Administrative Action on the Incident

Given the gravity of the situation, administrative actions were quick to follow.

Inspection and Testing

The Hoi An City Medical Center didn’t waste any time. Inspectors were immediately dispatched to Ms. Phuong’s stall. Food samples were collected and have been sent to the Quang Nam Food Safety and Hygiene Department for comprehensive testing. Now, the city and its inhabitants await the test results with bated breath.

Status of Ms. Phuong’s Stall

In light of the incident, city officials made the prudent decision to temporarily close down the stall until further notice.

Why is Ms. Phuong’s Banh Mi Stall Significant?

The news comes as a shock to many given the stall’s reputation.

Popularity Among Tourists

Ms. Phuong’s Banh Mi has been a favorite for both locals and tourists alike. Its acclaim isn’t just local; international media outlets have frequently showered the eatery with positive reviews.

What is Banh Mi?

For those unfamiliar, Banh Mi is Vietnam’s take on the sandwich. It typically comprises cold cuts and fresh vegetables like coriander, cucumber, pickled carrots, and daikon. But its uniqueness lies in the infusion of French condiments like pate and mayonnaise. Moreover, there are several variations to the fillings, such as cha lua (Vietnamese pork bologna), fried eggs, grilled pork, and meatballs.

In conclusion, this incident underscores the importance of food safety, even in the most renowned eateries. The results of the investigations are keenly awaited, as they will determine the next steps for Ms. Phuong’s stall and serve as a lesson for eateries worldwide.

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  1. Where did the food poisoning incident occur?
    • It occurred at the renowned Ms. Phuong’s Banh Mi stall in Hoi An.
  2. How many individuals were affected by this food poisoning?
    • 141 individuals, including 33 foreign tourists, were affected.
  3. What symptoms did the affected individuals experience?
    • They suffered from high fever, abdominal pain, vomiting, and prolonged diarrhea.
  4. What actions have been taken following the incident?
    • The Hoi An City Medical Center has inspected the stall, taken food samples for testing, and the stall has been temporarily closed.
  5. Why is Ms. Phuong’s Banh Mi stall so popular?
    • Apart from its delicious offerings, the stall has often received rave reviews from both locals and international media outlets.