Andy Jassy will be the new Amazon boss in July

The company founder resigns as chairman of the board. The head of the booming cloud business, Andy Jassy, ​​will take over for him.

Andy Jassy will take over as CEO of Amazon.

Dhe change of boss at the top of the world’s largest online retailer Amazon will take place on July 5th. Andy Jassy will then take over the office of CEO, said company founder Jeff Bezos on Wednesday at Amazon’s shareholders’ meeting. The change of management will take place on the 27th anniversary of the company’s founding.

At the beginning of February, Amazon had already announced the change at its top management, but without giving an exact date. Jassy is currently the head of the booming cloud business. As executive chairman of the board of directors, Bezos is likely to continue to exercise great influence in the group even after his resignation.

The 57-year-old top manager founded Amazon in 1994 and built the company from an online bookstore into a billion-dollar company. In a memo to Amazon employees in February, Bezos wrote that his decision was not about retiring. In his future role as Chairman of the Board of Directors, Bezos wants to focus his energy and attention on new products and initiatives. He also gains more time for other projects such as his foundations, his space company Blue Origin or the newspaper “The Washington Post”, which is privately owned.