Application deadline for budding astronauts extended

The European space agency Esa is looking for new astronauts for the first time in around a decade. You can apply until mid-June.

Four astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center in America:

Dhe European space agency Esa has extended the application deadline for new astronauts to June 18. Esa announced this on Friday in Paris. Originally, the deadline was supposed to end on May 28th.

“If you meet the basic requirements and your dream is to fly into space, then apply,” said the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti recently in a short video. “Remember that this application process is not about how long your résumé is (…) It is about you as a whole.”

It is the first time in around a decade that Esa is looking for new astronauts. The selection process has six stages – the new space crew should not be determined until autumn 2022. The requirements for the special job are high: Applicants must, for example, have at least a master’s degree in natural sciences, engineering, mathematics or computer science. There are requirements for height, the age limit is 50 years – and there are numerous other requirements.

Germany’s most famous astronauts at the moment are probably Alexander Gerst, also known as “Astro-Alex”, and Matthias Maurer. Since his return from the International Space Station (ISS) in December 2018, Gerst has been the German who has been in space the longest. The Saarland bricklayer is scheduled to fly to the ISS at the end of 2021. The two are also part of the Esa astronaut crew.