Are we snuggling into the addiction of the tech giants?

In the end, convenience wins: With Corona came new habits. Much more has changed than we admit. Why this is dangerous.

Just a few clicks and dinner is delivered.

WIt takes an average of 66 days to establish a new routine. So a good two months in which the iron will leads all those who can muster it to the goal. More than a year ago, only incorrigible optimists hoped that the corona pandemic would last less than 66 days and believed in unconventional thinkers who were blind to facts. Both were taught otherwise. We were forced to have much longer than these 66 days to get used to a life in which hardly anything has remained as it once was. But now, at last, as the images of crowds from all over the world piling up celebrating the easing their governments approved as if it was New Year’s Eve, you might think everyone is longing for their old life. After commuting to work and hours of traffic jams as soon as the school holidays start in several federal states at the same time. After airport employees patting you, boring parties, handshakes, overcrowded trains, queues in front of changing rooms.

But it is not like that. Although humans are social beings, they are also creatures of habit who love comfort. Our inherent inertia is impressively illustrated by surveys on environmental awareness and behavior: more than eighty percent reliably agree with the statement that we should act more resolutely in the fight against climate change. At the same time, however, the majority of these supposedly environmentally concerned people like to go on vacation and prefer to take the car instead of public transport.