Are you ready to go to work? Test yourself

Saw in m leton allowed pli mole? Or do you want to relax and full of new ideas? Test how you get back to work after the holidays.

Only answer YES to the questions

What did the employee look like? He never takes a vacation. And if he doesn’t lose sight of him during his contact with his colleagues or colleagues, whenever he picks up his work phone, he responds to e-mails within 10 minutes, he has not wasted the days when his free time ends so that he can get back to work.

don’t you recognize yourself in this description? Even after thirteen days of vacation, you do not feel that you have rested, and only from the thought of working did you get it wrong?

Try a simple test. Learn how emotionally prepared you are to say goodbye to the holidays and get back into the work process. Only answer YES and NO to the questions.

Prepared by psychologist Tom Vak