As a student, not only you but also your family are very useful

If you are studying for a high school or university, you are a professional or you in a language course, where you are directly following the secondary school study, you are one student. Even if you go to work regularly, and you have your own income there.

Student status guarantees you

And the first student status in m, but also your family has several advantages in the field of tax and social security.

If you go with your family in the same household (even if you are in the dormitory for a week and you can rent an apartment in the city of the studio), they can apply for a tax rebate on VAT. The condition is that your employer (entrepreneur of the financial office) has a certificate of study. Discount now in 11 604 crowns.

Even my student can apply for a tax rebate when he earns. Opt you doloit confirmed study. The discount on the fee is 23,640 crowns this year, if you are a student, you can also pay 4,020 crowns per year.

If you work regularly, it doesn’t matter if you apply for it yourself or as an employer. If you only work for the summer holidays, it pays to agree with the employer that you will file a tax return yourself: you will be able to claim the entire discount, the employer would only apply a proportional fee – for two months 670 crowns.

Don’t worry about health insurance – pay it for everything. If you earn money, the employer takes care of the payments, and if you do business, pay as a result of the insurance according to how much you actually paid (net of the mandatory minimum of CZK 1,670 msn).

Attention to social insurance: the period of study will not be included in the insurance period (from which the income will be calculated in the future). In addition, if you do not pay socially for your income (you did not apply voluntarily, you are not employed anywhere, do not do business), then it may happen that if you do not find a job after your studies, you will not be entitled to unemployment benefits. This is the only one who has worked at least 12 msc in the last tech years.

If you are happy to learn, you have the benefit of a scholarship, you can also get a contribution to the hostel – the so-called accommodation scholarship.

There are different conditions on different schools – somewhere I give you the same amount, elsewhere I pay only those who have lasted to live outside the city. There is no tax or accommodation scholarship and no social or health insurance is paid from it.