Asia’s largest cruise ship brings 4,600 tourists to Nha Trang


This piece of news highlights the arrival of the “Spectrum of the Seas,” the largest luxury cruise ship in Asia, in Nha Trang, a popular resort city in Vietnam. Here are the main points from the article:

  1. Spectrum of the Seas:
    • Known as “Asia’s largest luxury cruise ship.”
    • Operated by Royal Caribbean International (RCI).
    • Has a length of 347 meters, 16 decks, over 2,000 cabins, and can accommodate 5,600 passengers.
  2. Visit to Nha Trang:
  1. The ship brought 4,600 foreign visitors.
  2. Tourists mainly hailed from Europe, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore.
  3. Due to the large size of the ship, it anchored outside Nha Trang Bay, and tourists were brought to the shore on smaller boats.
  4. Places the tourists visited include:
    • Institute of Oceanography
    • Ponagar Tower
    • Truong Son Craft Village
    • Long Son Pagoda
  5. Some visitors also opted to cycle and explore the outskirts of the city.
  6. The ship left Nha Trang for Hong Kong on Wednesday night.
  7. Previous Visit: In March, the same ship brought 3,500 foreign tourists to another Vietnamese city, Vung Tau.
  1. Impact on Vietnam’s Tourism:
    • The arrival of such a massive ship during the low international tourism season is seen as a boost for Vietnam’s travel industry.
    • Up to the present date in the year, Vietnam has welcomed 6.6 million foreign visitors. This number is 83% of the nation’s annual target of eight million tourists.

The visit of the Spectrum of the Seas represents not just the capability and grandeur of modern cruise liners but also underscores the growing significance of Vietnam as a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

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