Three men and a woman have arrived at the International Space Station in a “Crew Dragon” from the private space company SpaceX. A welcoming ceremony is now waiting for them.

SpaceX's “Crew Dragon” shortly before docking with the ISS

Dhe four astronauts on board the space capsule “Crew Dragon Endeavor” of the private space company SpaceX have arrived at the International Space Station. As seen in a live stream from the American space agency Nasa, the capsule docked on Saturday morning at around 11:08 a.m. CEST over the Indian Ocean at the ISS.

“Welcome Crew-2,” said the current ISS commander, the American astronaut Shannon Walker, after the successful docking process. The commander of the “Crew Dragon Endeavor”, the American astronaut Shane Kimbrough, replied: “Thank you Shannon, we are happy to be here. We’ll see you all in a few minutes. ”

The hatches of the “Crew Dragon Endeavor” and the ISS are expected to open around 1:00 p.m. CEST. Afterwards there should be a welcoming ceremony for the astronauts.

The French astronaut Thomas Pesquet is also on board the “Crew Dragon Endeavor”. He is the first European to fly to the ISS with SpaceX. He is supposed to stay on board the ISS for six months and in his last month in space he will also take command there – as the third European after the German Alexander Gerst and the Belgian Frank de Winne. In addition to Pesquet and Kimbrough, the American Austronaut Megan McArthur and the Japanese Akihiko Hoshide also belong to the “Crew Dragon” crew.

It is SpaceX’s third manned mission to the ISS. The company’s first mission last May from high-tech pioneer Elon Musk ended a nine-year period in which the United States relied on Russian missiles for flights to the ISS.