A court in San Francisco on Friday upheld a ruling according to which Bayer had to pay around 20.6 million euros in damages to a plaintiff suffering from cancer. It is not the first defeat in court for the group.

Container with the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup (archive image)

Dhe agrochemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer also suffered a defeat in the second of its US appeals proceedings for alleged cancer risks from the weed killer glyphosate. The responsible court in San Francisco confirmed a judgment on Friday according to which Bayer had to pay plaintiff Edwin Hardeman a total of a good 25 million dollars (20.6 million euros) in damages.

Bayer was disappointed in a statement. The court’s decision was not supported by evidence at the trial or applicable law, the company said. Bayer is considering all legal options in order to obtain a re-examination of the case. The option of involving the Supreme Court – the US Supreme Court – will also be examined.

Hardeman had blamed the glyphosate-containing weed killer Roundup of the US seed giant Monsanto, which Bayer acquired in 2018 for over 60 billion dollars, responsible for its cancer. A jury in 2019 initially imposed fines of a good $ 80 million on Bayer. The amount was later significantly reduced. The group had appealed anyway.

Bayer is confronted with numerous glyphosate lawsuits in the United States, which the company intends to settle with a billion-dollar settlement. Only three cases have so far been heard in courts, and the Dax group lost all three. Bayer has not yet had any success in appointment procedures either.

The glyphosate problem taken over with the Monsanto purchase makes the group difficult to create. In the United States, more than 125,000 plaintiffs have filed claims for damages. Bayer wants to take more than eleven billion dollars in hand to settle the mass proceedings. But an important part of the settlement still requires judicial approval. An important hearing on this is due on May 19.