The Mainz biotech company now expects sales of 12.4 billion euros with its corona vaccine. A total of 3 billion cans are to be produced this year.

Vial of BioNTech vaccine

Dhe vaccine manufacturer BioNTech is once again more optimistic for the year as a whole: The Mainz-based biotech company currently expects sales of 12.4 billion euros with its Covid-19 vaccine. The current sales forecast is based on the currently signed supply contracts for around 1.8 billion vaccine doses for 2021, announced the Nasdaq-listed company on Monday with its quarterly figures. Most recently, the company had assumed a revenue of 9.8 billion euros from the vaccine. In connection with further contracts for deliveries in 2021, additional sales are expected, BioNTech said. In addition, the first contracts for 2022 and beyond have been concluded.

This year, up to 3 billion doses of the corona vaccine are to be produced in the joint venture with US partner Pfizer, and next year it should be more than 3 billion. The converted and certified former Novartis plant in Marburg, which is expected to produce one billion cans a year after ramp-up, has played a major role in this for a few weeks now.

Only at the weekend the European Commission finalized a supply contract for the Biontech Pfizer vaccine for a total of 1.8 billion doses. 900 million cans have therefore been firmly ordered, and 900 million more cans have been ordered as an option, it said. Deliveries are scheduled to begin at the end of the year and extend into 2023. 600 million cans have been ordered for the current year.