Blackpink stay at $1,260 hotel rooms during Hanoi tour


Blackpink’s Luxurious Stay in Hanoi

A Peek into Blackpink’s Stay When South Korean sensation, the girl group Blackpink, touched down in Vietnam for their debut shows on July 29-30, they chose nothing but the best. Their weekend getaway was marked by opulent stays at rooms priced at a whopping VND30 million (US$1,260) per night.

The Hotel Selection Taking up residence at the illustrious Capella Hanoi Hotel in Hoan Kiem District, the members savored the pinnacle of luxury. The post-tour glimpses on social media, particularly from group member Rosé, painted a vivid picture of their extravagant Vietnamese experience.

Rosé’s Vietnamese Connection Not one to shy away from sharing, Rosé uploaded over 10 snapshots of her room on her Instagram, reaching her audience of 60 million. A notable highlight was Rosé adorning the non la, or the Vietnamese conical hat, a symbol of the nation’s cultural heritage.

Suite Features and Offerings

A reliable insider revealed to VnExpress that Rosé was housed in the hotel’s esteemed Capella Suite, a space that commands VND25-30 million on weekends. The Capella Hanoi boasts four suites of this class, and unsurprisingly, the other group members occupied them.

Room Specifications Embodying luxury, each suite spans an impressive 83 square meters, comfortably accommodating up to three guests. An iconic feature that sets it apart is the meticulously crafted wrought-iron French balcony.

The Balcony Experience The balcony isn’t just for aesthetics. It opens up to panoramic views of Hanoi, allowing guests like Blackpink to immerse themselves in the city’s aura right from their rooms. As a gesture of warmth, the hotel presented the iconic conical hats to the visiting members.

A Taste of Vietnam Despite their jam-packed schedules, the members didn’t miss out on Vietnam’s culinary treasures. They indulged in local delights such as pho and banh mi. And where? At the hotel’s Michelin-selected restaurant, no less!

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The Speciality Dish For those wondering about the flavors they savored, each bowl of pho at the restaurant comes with a tag of VND280,000. Patrons have the luxury to pick from three variants: beef, chicken, and vegetarian.

The Legacy of Capella Hanoi Since its inauguration in 2021, the Capella Hanoi has made significant strides in the hospitality sector. It stands 18th in the esteemed list of the world’s top 100 hotels, as endorsed by the readers of U.S. magazine Travel+Leisure.

Design Inspirations The hotel, situated in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, houses 47 uniquely designed rooms and suites. These spaces derive inspiration from the grandeur of the Hanoi Opera House. Each room is also gifted with a balcony offering picturesque views of the tranquil Hoan Kiem lake.

Celebrating Vietnam’s Heritage In a commendable initiative to champion Vietnam’s tourism, the hotel incorporated a depiction of the Golden Bridge held aloft by two mammoth hands in Da Nang on the pink-hued conical hats. These hats, symbolizing tradition, are crafted using fresh lotus leaves sourced from Dong Thap Muoi, a renowned lotus cultivation hub in the Mekong Delta.

Conclusion: Blackpink’s Hanoi visit wasn’t just another tour stop. It was a blend of luxury, tradition, and the celebration of Vietnamese culture. Whether it’s the opulent stays, traditional dishes, or embracing the local heritage with the conical hats, the South Korean stars ensured every moment was a tryst with Vietnam’s rich legacy.


  1. Where did Blackpink stay during their Vietnam tour? Blackpink stayed at the Capella Hanoi Hotel in Hoan Kiem District.
  2. How much does a bowl of pho cost at the hotel’s restaurant? Each bowl of pho at the Michelin-selected restaurant costs VND280,000.
  3. When did the Capella Hanoi open? Capella Hanoi opened its doors in 2021.
  4. How many followers does Rosé have on her Instagram? Rosé has over 60 million followers on her Instagram.
  5. What was featured on the pink-colored conical hats presented to Blackpink? The hats featured the Golden Bridge held up by two giant hands in Da Nang.
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