Blackpink stay at $1,260 hotel rooms during Hanoi tour

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When it comes to world-famous music sensations, few groups capture hearts and minds quite like South Korean girl group Blackpink. With their undeniable talent and stunning performances, the group has achieved international stardom. During their recent Hanoi tour on July 29-30, Blackpink didn’t just captivate the stage – they also made headlines for their extravagant stay at the luxurious Capella Hanoi Hotel. Let’s delve into the details of this lavish experience and the remarkable moments that unfolded during their Vietnam visit.

The Glamorous Retreat: Capella Hanoi Hotel

An Unforgettable Stay

Upon touching down in Hanoi, Blackpink set their sights on the elegant Capella Hanoi Hotel, nestled in the heart of Hoan Kiem District. This enchanting sanctuary is renowned for its opulent accommodations, and the group spared no expense in choosing the best for their stay.

Rosé’s Exquisite Capella Suite

One of the highlights of Blackpink’s stay was Rosé’s lavish Capella Suite, which comes with a price tag of VND25-30 million per night on weekends. This spacious and impeccably designed suite boasts an area of 83 square meters and can comfortably accommodate up to three people. From the elegant wrought-iron French balcony, Rosé enjoyed breathtaking views of Hanoi’s picturesque landscape.

Luxury Redefined

Capella Hanoi Hotel, a true embodiment of luxury, features rooms and suites inspired by the grandeur of the historic Hanoi Opera House. With 47 exquisitely designed rooms, the hotel offers a lavish experience that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Vietnam.

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Embracing Vietnamese Culture and Cuisine

A Taste of Vietnam

Blackpink’s visit to Hanoi was more than just about luxury accommodations – it was an opportunity to immerse themselves in Vietnamese culture and cuisine. Despite their busy schedule, the group indulged in authentic Vietnamese dishes, including the iconic pho and delectable banh mi.

Gastronomic Delights

Within the confines of the Capella Hanoi Hotel, a Michelin-selected restaurant awaited the members of Blackpink. The restaurant offered a diverse menu, with each bowl of pho priced at VND280,000. Diners had the choice of beef, chicken, or vegetarian pho, allowing Blackpink to savor the flavors of Vietnam in style.

Promoting Vietnam’s Beauty

A Touch of Vietnam’s Charm

Blackpink’s stay at the Capella Hanoi Hotel was not just about luxury – it was an opportunity to showcase the beauty of Vietnam to their global fan base. The hotel’s attention to detail even extended to its presentation of conical hats, a quintessential Vietnamese symbol. The hats were adorned with images of the iconic Golden Bridge held aloft by two giant hands in Da Nang.

Lotus Leaves and Symbolism

These conical hats, crafted entirely from fresh lotus leaves sourced from the Mekong Delta’s famous Dong Thap Muoi region, stood as a beautiful metaphor for Vietnam’s natural splendor. The lotus, often associated with purity and resilience, captured the essence of the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

A Lasting Impression

A Farewell to Remember

As their whirlwind Hanoi tour came to an end, Blackpink left an indelible mark on both their fans and the city itself. Their luxurious stay at the Capella Hanoi Hotel and their embrace of Vietnamese culture added a new dimension to their star-studded reputation.

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Blackpink’s enchanting journey through Hanoi, marked by their luxurious stay at the Capella Hanoi Hotel and their exploration of Vietnamese culture, showcased a group that not only knows how to captivate on stage but also how to make the most of their off-stage moments. By embracing the finest offerings of Vietnam, Blackpink proved that their appeal goes beyond music, resonating with a world eager to follow their every move.


  1. Q: How much did Blackpink’s hotel rooms cost during their Hanoi tour? A: Blackpink’s luxury rooms at the Capella Hanoi Hotel cost up to VND30 million (US$1,260) per night.
  2. Q: Which member of Blackpink stayed in the Capella Suite? A: Rosé enjoyed the lavish Capella Suite during their stay in Hanoi.
  3. Q: What did Blackpink enjoy from the hotel’s restaurant? A: Blackpink savored authentic Vietnamese dishes like pho and banh mi at a Michelin-selected restaurant within the hotel.
  4. Q: What symbol adorned the conical hats presented to Blackpink? A: The conical hats featured the image of the Golden Bridge held up by two giant hands in Da Nang.
  5. Q: How did Blackpink contribute to promoting Vietnam’s tourism? A: By showcasing the iconic Golden Bridge on the conical hats and embracing Vietnamese culture, Blackpink played a role in promoting the beauty of Vietnam.