Blackpink’s 7th Anniversary Celebration: A Glimpse Inside Hanoi’s Michelin-starred Restaurant

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Every anniversary marks a significant milestone in an artist’s journey. For Blackpink, their seventh year in the music industry is no exception. This monumental year deserved a grand celebration, and what better way than with an exquisite video shot in a Michelin-starred restaurant?

The South Korean girl group unveiled a touching video on their official YouTube channel, taking fans through their roller-coaster ride of seven years. From their debut days to their present stardom, the video was an emotional homage to their journey.

Viewership Statistics

With an overwhelming fanbase of 90.5 million subscribers, the video was bound to make waves. It promptly racked up an impressive 3.8 million views, accompanied by a whopping 34,000 comments. The numbers don’t lie; the video was a hit!

Audience Reaction

Many Vietnamese fans were taken aback to discover that the filming venue was a restaurant in their own Hanoi. Details like the iconic decorative wooden boxes and the purple water cup featuring the Hoan Kiem (Sword) Lake gave the location away.

Why Hanoi’s Michelin-starred Restaurant?

Choosing Hanoi for their celebratory video might seem random to some, but Blackpink’s choice was steeped in luxury and cultural significance.

Recognizing the Iconic Features

The video’s backdrop was the Akio Bar & Lounge, located in the lobby of Koki restaurant at Capella Hanoi Hotel. The surprise element? Koki restaurant had been awarded a Michelin star just a month before!

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A Closer Look: Akio Bar & Lounge

The Unique Asian Ambiance

With an evident Asian architectural touch, the lounge showcases ceramic products, lending it an authentically oriental vibe.

The Beverage Delights: Sake and Tea Varieties

The lounge boasts a menu featuring 60 different sake varieties sourced from numerous regions. It also homes a vast range of teas, all imported from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan.

Cocktail Adventures: A Journey through Japan

But the highlight? The bar offers cocktails inspired by various Japanese locales. From Nikko’s cherry blossoms to Oita’s hot springs, every drink is paired with a snack. These are curated and approved by Juinichi Yoshida, the mastermind chef who introduced Michelin-star teppanyaki at Ishigaki Yoshida near Roppongi.

The Starry Endorsement from Condé Nast Traveler

The American magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, offered an eloquent description of the cocktail adventures at Koki’s Akio Lounge. Their endorsement speaks volumes about the bar’s global reputation.

Blackpink’s Memorable Stay in Capella Hanoi Hotel

Located in the Hoan Kiem District, the Capella Hanoi Hotel was Blackpink’s chosen retreat during their two-day concert spree on July 29-30. The culinary delights of the hotel left an indelible mark, with the band indulging in traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho and banh mi at Koki restaurant.

Economic Impact on Hanoi

The ripple effect of Blackpink’s presence was evident. Hanoi welcomed a staggering 170,000 visitors who collectively spent VND630 billion (US$26.5 million) during the two-night performance.


Blackpink’s seventh-anniversary celebration in Hanoi wasn’t just a treat for the fans but also a testament to the global appeal of Vietnamese culture and luxury. Their choice of venue, the Michelin-starred restaurant, and their experience there perfectly encapsulated the blend of tradition, luxury, and modernity that Vietnam, and especially Hanoi, has to offer.

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  1. Where was Blackpink’s 7th-anniversary video filmed?
    • At Akio Bar & Lounge in Koki restaurant at Capella Hanoi Hotel.
  2. How many views did the anniversary video garner?
    • It received 3.8 million views.
  3. What are some signature beverages at Akio Bar & Lounge?
    • They offer 60 varieties of sake and various teas from Japan.
  4. Who is the mastermind chef behind the Michelin-starred teppanyaki at Ishigaki Yoshida?
    • Chef Juinichi Yoshida.
  5. How much did visitors spend in Hanoi during Blackpink’s two-night performance?
    • VND630 billion (US$26.5 million).