Building will be expensive

Anyone who invests in their house will feel it: Many materials are rising in price – especially wood, metals and plastics.

In construction there is “building slack”: a lot is becoming more expensive.

BIt is particularly noticeable in lumber. The price has risen sharply. Roofers, timber traders and building contractors report that they are currently paying around twice as much for wood that can be used in construction as they did last year. But a significant price increase can also be observed for other building materials of all kinds. Bricks for walls are not hit that hard. But reinforcing steel, for example, rose by 19 percent from December to March, bitumen by 21 percent and welded wire mesh increased by 15 percent – an unusual increase.

“Everything that has to do with wood, metals or oil products has become significantly more expensive,” says the Central Association of the German Construction Industry. There are three explanations for this: Construction timber from Germany is currently in high demand on the international markets. The Americans and the Chinese bought everything empty, it is rumored. Canada, which otherwise supplies the United States, has certain bottlenecks at the moment. In Germany there is a lot of “beetle wood”, trees that have been cleared after drought and bark beetle infestation. But nobody wants that. In the case of metals, it is noticeable that the industry is picking up again all over the world and speculators are betting on higher future metal consumption.