The government is saving existing jobs with a lot of money. But job starters and the unemployed can no longer find a job. A “rescue package for new hires” should help.

The government is helping to protect existing jobs.  But this happens at the expense of young professionals and current job seekers, so a “rescue package for new hires” is now also required.

Ahen Sven-Rainer Gärtner lost his job last year, he was initially still in good spirits. After all, he had been the IT coordinator in a Darmstadt print shop until it went bankrupt, and before that he had worked for a long time as an independent IT service provider – a new job had to be found quickly, he thought. But professional experience was not enough for many employers, they wanted certificates. So the mid-forties started: Microsoft, Linux, IT project management, trainer aptitude test. When he had the last certificate in his pocket, Corona came. Now he’s still looking. “It is desperate,” he says.

The case of the man from Zwingenberg in southern Hesse clearly shows how the corona pandemic creates problems on the labor market in two ways: more layoffs on the one hand – fewer new hires on the other. But while fears of layoffs and job saving through short-time work receive a great deal of political attention, the other side has received far less attention so far. Easy access to new employment is at least as important for good overall development on the labor market in the long term as combating layoffs.