China’s young savages

Xiaomi is the next smartphone maker to want to hunt down Tesla. The Chinese take 10 billion dollars into their hands for this. Much speaks against them – but young attackers from China have already refuted many doubters.

Lei Jun, one of the founders of Xiaomi, at a product presentation at the end of March

Nafter the smartphone manufacturers Apple from America and Huawei from China, Xiaomi now also wants to build an electric car and hunt Tesla. Many observers were impressed by the fact that the Beijingers want to invest 10 billion dollars for this, as the development devours a lot of time and capital. Xiaomi’s success is also due to the fact that the company has a well-known brand in China and that an e-car is nothing more than a smartphone on wheels anyway.

However, these are arguments that also apply to competitors. Apple, where 2000 developers have been tinkering with their own cars for years, has cash reserves 12 times as high as Xiaomi. The Japanese vehicle manufacturer Toyota spends 10 billion dollars on research and development in a single year – and has plenty of experience in the difficult construction of cars. If these should also drive autonomously, their own operating software plays a role, which, unlike Apple in the case of Xiaomi, does not even come from in-house.

Seen in this way, one thing speaks for the Xiaomi car above all: that nimble young attackers from China have in many cases been able to refute all doubters in the past.