Choo choo! Saigon dining establishment offers food and drinks on version train

A restaurant in Saigon has actually come up with a novel method to supply food to the tables of restaurants: by train.

The Train Restaurant in District 7 has been open for more than three months.

Nguyen Thi Theu, the proprietor, stated she learnt more about the train restaurant service model while visiting the Czech Republic concerning a year back. “I believe it’s a fun company model, so I invested VND500 million ($ 21,704) to acquire a design train and bring it back to Vietnam to open up a restaurant,” the 41-year-old lady said.

Recipes are positioned on a design train that swivels the restaurant, stopping for about 15 to 20 secs each at the table for restaurants to choose their orders.

The dining establishment is 120 square meters, with a train set on a table in the center. This table measures virtually one meter in elevation, 1.5 meters in size, and also 15 meters in length. Theu embellished the design train tracks with European-style surroundings such as a filling station, a cathedral, as well as villas. Visitors are seated at dining tables near the model. The dining establishment can suit up to 50 individuals.

Theu prepares the food in the kitchen location, which is separated by curtains, before filling it onto the models. She said that placing every one of the design assemble was fairly simple, taking her only about a month.

” The most hard component is creating software program that allows the train to go for the correct speed and stop at the correct table,” said Theu. “The designer needed to deal with some errors numerous times prior to the train can run correctly.”

There are currently 5 model train collections, but they are only all utilized when the restaurant is complete. Usually, only fifty percent of the trains are made use of. The train is powered by electricity and can transfer up to 4 kilos of orders at once. The train rate can be adjusted via an app, and also they can just run in one direction.

The surrounding space around the trains is embellished with 45 versions of European homes, castles, basilicas, and also terminals.

All your house designs are adorned with hand-written signs. The train tracks are also embellished with mini stones for a more reasonable feel.

Generally, each train will certainly pick up 15 to 20 secs at each table for visitors to get their food. Thao Van (envisioned) stated that the model train appropriates for households with children.

” The train will certainly come to each table subsequently,” claimed Van, a 30-year-old customer. “As a result, visitors are served often, and also the food is offered successfully. But the menu does not yet have many alternatives.”

The model trains also transfer the dishes back to the kitchen after they have actually been utilized. There is one waitress that is largely responsible for buying food for clients. There are currently about 20 recipes on the menu, consisting of hamburgers, pastas, and also dim sum. Rates range between VND29,000 and also VND69,000 ($1.22 and $2.91).

“Because the majority of the clients in this field are foreigners, I selected a dish from each nation to include on the food selection. There will certainly be more recipes in the future,” stated the owner.

Many paints of trains from around the world are hung on the walls. This restaurant is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day. The evenings as well as weekends are the busiest times. Car parking is available in front of the dining establishment. However, as there are no security guards presently, you have to care for your own automobile.

Have a look at the dining establishment at 41 Hung Phuoc 1 Area, Tan Phong Ward, Area 7.