Concise: When and not entitled to paid time off at work

You do not have to take a holiday for your own wedding, the employer must give you two days off. The wedding, the birth of a child, but also a dead close hunter are among the personal beauties, during which you have the right to work leave. And in some cases, the employer must also provide a wage payment.

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The editorial staff of has prepared a summary of life situations, in which you will meet the gods who will prevent you from fulfilling your work duties. The sentence of personal checks at work and the rules of theirs do not contain the end of work and the rule of government.

Wedding: two days off, one of which is paid

The bride and groom are entitled to two days off, of which one day for lunch. You will only receive this salary for one day. If you get married on a day, on the day you will have a free time with a wage payment and you will take a free time without a payment on Thursdays and Mondays.

If you have a wedding on a Saturday and it will not be for a working day at the same time, you have only one day off and the employer will reimburse you. You can choose bird or pondl.

The couple and children are also entitled to one day off on the day of the lunch. If you are a sibling of the bride and groom or if you are not a witness, you must take a leave of absence, you are not entitled to time off work.

Born children: leave for the necessary time

A personal baby at work when a child is born is called Father. The employer must release if you go to the maternity hospital with your partner, even if you take her home from the maternity hospital. It is paid for free time, but it is only necessary for the time necessary for transport to the maternity hospital.

If you want to stay in childbirth, the employer will be relieved, but do not expect a salary for it.

Withdrawal: and two days off with and without payment of wages

Once you have moved, your employer must be released from work for the necessary time, a maximum of two days. If you are moving for personal reasons, you do not have to pay a free year.

Another situation occurs if you move because of the employer, in his name – for example, with your consent sent you to work in another city. Then you have to pay time off for the stack.

dead and funeral: and the days of paid leave

If the land includes a husband or a species or a child, you have the right to two days of paid leave before the funeral, it is assumed that you will arrange the funeral.

If you arrange the funeral of the deceased and the siblings, but the birth or siblings of your partner, you are entitled to one day of paid leave. The employer will pay for the day of the funeral. If someone else is taking care of the funeral, I will only take the time off with the payment of wages on the day of the funeral.

Escort to lkai: and one day with the payment of wages

Most of them give birth with their children to the doctor, so they have a year from the employer on leave with payment of wages for the necessary time, up to one day. But you can also accompany your partner, the birth of another family dog, to the lkai. So in this case vs the employer has to release and for one day and pay him back.

You will also be reimbursed for time off, which you spend at the hospital yourself. It is assumed that you enrich the medicine in the nearest medical facility.