Consumers should be protected from damage caused by software errors

The consumer protection ministers of the federal states are calling for a new digital product liability law. The current liability rules are more than 30 years old.

Damage caused by software errors can affect not only your own computer, but also the infrastructure of an entire company.

KAccording to the wishes of the Conference of Consumer Protection Ministers (VSMK), these are to be better protected against damage caused by software errors in the future. The federal government should examine appropriate measures, said Schleswig-Holstein’s consumer protection minister Claus Christian Claussen (CDU) after the end of the conference on Friday. In addition, product liability law should also include digital damage in the future, including data loss.

According to Claussen, the product liability law is based on an EU directive from 1985 and is no longer up-to-date in view of technical progress – especially in view of the growing importance of software compared to hardware. Clausen said: “We want consumer-friendly, digital product liability law to be introduced.” That must be initiated by the federal government. He is confident that the Conference of Consumer Protection Ministers will ask the federal government to make appropriate proposals.

According to Claussens, the monitoring of the food trade must also be adapted to current developments. Groceries are increasingly being ordered online and delivered to your home. “Of course, the classic monitoring methods do not work.” Here too, the federal government should take action and create a legal basis.