Corona lull allows more environmentally friendly approaches

Because of the corona pandemic, the airspace above Frankfurt Airport is less densely populated than usual. This enabled a process to be developed that enables more environmentally friendly approaches. This also applies to Munich.

The big void: Frankfurt Airport has experienced an immense decrease in passengers in the past few months.

Dhe corona lull in air traffic has enabled more environmentally friendly approaches to Munich and Frankfurt airports. A new process was developed within five weeks that avoids more than 2000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per month, reported Deutsche Lufthansa and German air traffic control on Wednesday.

Since May, the jets have been able to begin their continuous descent more than 370 kilometers before the starting point of the actual approach and follow their course largely without subsequent corrections.

In a fully occupied airspace, on the other hand, the airplanes are clearly guided more closely by the controllers and approach procedures with several changes of direction are common. Lufthansa manager Klaus Froese, who is responsible for the Frankfurt hub, said: “I am very confident that the new approach procedure will have its place in daily flight operations even with increasing traffic.”