Do the mangoes come from Senegal? And what journey have grapes already behind them in winter? This is information that the Amazon Fresh delivery service cannot withhold from customers, the Munich Higher Regional Court ruled, and once again confirmed the consumer advocates at Foodwatch to be right.

According to the ruling, Amazon Fresh must label its fruit and vegetables more transparently for the consumer.

Dhe online retailer Amazon has to tell its customers the country of origin when ordering fresh fruit and vegetables. The Munich Higher Regional Court decided on Thursday and thus confirmed a corresponding judgment by the Munich Regional Court.

According to the EU regulation, consumers must be given the country in which the fruit and vegetables were harvested. An indication of 13 possible countries of origin for grapes or the delivery of mangoes from Israel instead of mangoes ordered from Senegal violates these requirements, explained Senate Chairman Andreas Müller. Legislators want to protect consumers with transparent product information.

With the ruling, the OLG rejected Amazon’s appeal against the ruling of the regional court of 2020, which upheld a lawsuit by the consumer protection association Foodwatch and ordered Amazon to refrain from the previous practice. An Amazon lawyer said in court that the business model had already been adjusted accordingly. The offer has become smaller as a result, the sales volume has fallen by over 20 percent.

In 2019, the European Court of Justice ruled in a submission from Germany that the information on the country of origin of plant products, based on the customs code, meant the country of harvest.