Da Cong Stream, a nature lover’s retreat near Hanoi

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Da Cong Stream: Hanoi’s Hidden Nature Retreat

Nestled a mere two hours away from the bustling city of Hanoi lies an untouched gem, the Da Cong Stream. Ideal for those seeking a break from the city’s heat or an adventurous weekend picnic, this destination promises serenity and nature’s best.

A Glimpse into Da Cong Stream

Origin and Location

Located in Thai Nguyen Province, surrounded by green tea hills and the gush of untouched streams, the Da Cong Stream originates from a waterfall on the eastern slopes of the Tam Dao mountain range. Just about 80 kilometers from Hanoi in Quan Chu Commune, this stream offers a unique blend of nature’s wonders.

The Beauty of Nature’s Canvas

While the west bustles with tourists, the eastern part, where Da Cong Stream lies, maintains its tranquil and pristine charm. The stream is bordered by a vast primeval forest, multiple foamy waterfalls, and houses of the indigenous Dao people, presenting a picturesque view to its visitors.

Caution Points and Travel Tips

Although the stream is easily accessible, it’s important for travelers to remain cautious of its rough, mossy, and rocky terrains, especially when wet. Locals advise wearing footwear with a good grip for easy and safe navigation.

A Personal Experience: Thuy Linh’s Journey

The Ride to Da Cong

Thuy Linh, a Hanoi resident, recalls her journey: “We took a two-hour motorbike trip and were awestruck by the mesmerizing landscapes we encountered. It was like stepping into a different world.”

Moments of Surprise

“On reaching the stream, I anticipated a quiet dip and a few snaps. But the local hospitality surprised me! They lent us paddle boards and even cautioned us about deep areas in the stream,” shares Thuy Linh, reflecting her wonderful memories.

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Preparing for the Trip: Tips and Essentials

Given that Da Cong Stream is relatively untouched by commercial tourism, it’s advisable to bring along essentials. From tents, chairs, food, and perhaps even a stand-up paddle board to explore the stream’s deeper parts.

Other Attractions

Ngao Waterfall

For thrill-seekers, combining the trip to Da Cong Stream with a visit to the nearby Ngao Waterfall can amplify the adventure.

Local Accommodation and Dining

Visitors can set up their own camps or choose to rent a fully-equipped camp just a few hundred meters away for a comfortable outdoor experience.

Reaching Da Cong Stream

Route Option 1

From Hanoi, follow the Hanoi – Thai Nguyen Highway till Pho Yen City. From there, turn left onto Route 261 heading towards Dai Tu Commune.

Route Option 2

Another option is taking the Vinh Phuc Road. Travelers can pass through Dai Lai Lake, arrive in Thai Nguyen City, and then proceed to Quan Chu in Dai Tu District.

Additional Travel Tips

Regardless of the chosen route, ensure you’re equipped with a map, and it might be helpful to have a local guide or GPS to help navigate.

In conclusion, the Da Cong Stream, with its untouched beauty, hospitable locals, and mesmerizing landscapes, is a must-visit for nature enthusiasts and those looking for a serene getaway.


  1. How far is Da Cong Stream from Hanoi?
    • It’s approximately 80 kilometers, which is about a two-hour drive.
  2. What should I wear for the trip?
    • Wear comfortable clothes, and most importantly, footwear with a good grip due to the rocky terrains.
  3. Can I camp near Da Cong Stream?
    • Yes, visitors can set up their own tents or rent a camp nearby.
  4. Is Da Cong Stream safe for swimming?
    • While it’s safe, visitors should be cautious of the stream’s depth and consult locals for safe spots.
  5. Are there any nearby attractions apart from Da Cong Stream?
    • Yes, the Ngao Waterfall is another beautiful spot close to the stream.
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