Da Nang among cheapest places in Asia for retirees


Da Nang: Asia’s Hidden Gem for Retirees

Have you ever fantasized about retiring in a place that offers not just the serenity of pristine beaches but also the comforts of modern living? How about if that dream destination doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket? Sounds too good to be true? Enter Da Nang, Vietnam!

Retirement Paradises in Asia: How Does Da Nang Fare?

Asia, with its diverse cultures and picturesque landscapes, has always been a magnet for retirees from around the globe. And now, according to a report from GOBankingRates, a personal finance publication backed by Nasdaq, the city of Da Nang proudly stands second among Asia’s most affordable retirement destinations.

Leading the pack is Thailand’s tranquil Chiang Mai with an average monthly cost of $667. Da Nang follows closely, requiring expats an average of just $867 a month! Other contenders on the list include the Philippines’ Cebu ($840/month), Taiwan’s bustling Taipei ($1,268/month), and Japan’s historic Kyoto ($1,565/month).

Da Nang: Not Just About the Affordability

Sure, it’s easy on the wallet, but that’s not all Da Nang has to offer. Nestled between scenic mountains and idyllic beaches, the city promises a warm climate year-round. And if you’re thinking of missing out on urban facilities, think again. Da Nang is equipped with top-tier healthcare, housing, and an ever-expanding community of expats. The U.S. publication couldn’t have put it better: choosing Da Nang is indeed a “no-brainer.”

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A Glimpse into Da Nang’s Prominence

Hosting a population of 1.2 million, Da Nang is not just another city in Vietnam. It holds the honor of being the country’s third pillar, following the giants Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Its strategic importance cannot be understated.

Accolades Keep Pouring In

It’s not just the affordable living that’s garnering attention. In 2018, the Panama-based travel magazine Live and Invest Overseas recognized Da Nang as one of the world’s most livable cities. Now that’s a feather in its cap!

Wrapping It Up

Da Nang offers an irresistible mix of the old and the new, nature and urban conveniences, all without breaking the bank. If a picturesque, affordable, and comfortable retirement haven is what you seek, maybe it’s time to set your sights on Da Nang.


  1. Where does Da Nang rank in terms of affordability for retirees in Asia?
    • Da Nang ranks second, following Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  2. What’s the average monthly cost for expats living in Da Nang?
    • The average monthly cost is approximately US$867.
  3. What attributes make Da Nang a top choice for retirement?
    • Its combination of scenic beauty, warm climate, modern amenities, affordable housing, and an expanding expat community makes it a top choice.
  4. How did other cities fare in the ranking?
    • Chiang Mai topped the list, followed by Da Nang, Cebu, Taipei, and Kyoto.
  5. Has Da Nang received any other significant accolades recently?
    • Yes, in 2018, it was named one of the world’s most livable cities by a Panama-based travel magazine.