Da Nang international airport launches automatic entry systems


Da Nang International Airport’s New Autogate System

Have you ever wanted a quicker way to get through airport security and immigration? Say hello to the newest innovation at Da Nang International Airport! This article dives deep into the introduction of the Autogate system and how it’s reshaping the travel experience

What is the Autogate?
The Autogate, as the name suggests, is an automated entry system designed to accelerate and simplify the immigration process. But what exactly does it do?

Functionality and Purpose
The system streamlines the check-in and out process for travelers, ensuring a quicker and smoother experience. Like those fast-track lanes in theme parks, but for airports!

Benefits of the System
By digitizing the immigration process, the time passengers spend on procedures is drastically reduced. This not only means a less tedious wait but also a reduction in the need for personnel at security desks. In the grand scheme of things, it adds an extra layer of security by preventing document forgery, thus making the whole process more reliable.

Location & Implementation
Curious about where you’ll find these systems?

Departure Area System
Two of these systems have been installed in the departure area. So, if you’re flying out of Da Nang, you might just be in for a quicker boarding experience!

Arrival Area System
For those landing in the beautiful city, two systems are awaiting your arrival. Time saved on immigration means more time exploring the city!

Eligibility for the Autogate Use

Vietnamese Citizens
In its initial phase, the system is primarily for Vietnamese citizens holding valid passports. But here’s a catch: those with non-electronic chip passports will need to register beforehand. And the good news? You register just once and can use the system every time you travel, as long as your passport remains valid.

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Foreign Passengers
Foreign travelers, there’s something in store for you too! While the Autogate isn’t currently set up for your entry unless you’ve got a valid residence card or a temporary one issued by Vietnam’s authorized agencies, you can use it for departures.

Importance of Information Technology in Immigration

Enhancing Administrative Procedures
Senior Lieutenant Colonel Le Xuan Hao emphasizes the vital role of IT in modernizing administrative tasks. Its integration into the immigration process is a significant leap in enhancing the user experience.

Bolstering Security Measures
The Autogate isn’t just about speed; it’s also about security. With advanced tech in play, the chances of document forgery reduce significantly, ensuring that the airport remains a safe space for travelers.

Looking to the Future
As the world becomes more interconnected, ensuring smooth immigration is paramount. Vietnam’s move towards integrating advanced systems like the Autogate is a clear indicator of its commitment to facilitating better travel experiences for both its citizens and international visitors.

The introduction of the Autogate system at Da Nang International Airport is a significant stride towards a more efficient and secure immigration process. It’s exciting to see technology and travel merge, enhancing the overall experience for everyone involved.


  1. What is the main purpose of the Autogate system?
    It’s designed to speed up the immigration process, reduce wait times, and enhance security measures.
  2. Can all travelers use the Autogate system at Da Nang International Airport?
    Currently, it’s for Vietnamese citizens with valid passports and departing foreign passengers with valid residence cards.
  3. Do Vietnamese citizens with non-electronic passports need to register every time they travel?
    No, they only need to register once as long as the passport remains valid.
  4. Are there any plans to expand the Autogate system for foreign arrivals?
    As of now, it’s only for departures. But given its benefits, we can hope for an expansion in the future.
  5. How does the Autogate system enhance security?
    By leveraging advanced technology, it reduces the chances of document forgery and ensures a safer immigration process.
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