Dazzling yellow poinciana flowers in Lam Dong

Passing through the Di Linh Plateau in the Central Highlands district of Lam Dong in the early days of February, site visitors can admire the beauty of the yellow poinciana blossoms.

Traveling on Highway 20 from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat via the Di Linh Plateau, site visitors can quickly see the bright color of the yellow poinciana. The substantial yellow poinciana trees in Le Loi Senior high school catch the interest of everyone passing by.

The trees are grown a great deal in Di Linh Area, 78km from the popular traveler community Da Lat.

Their blossoms grow from the beginning of the year up until the end of March. There are numerous yellow poinciana blossoms blooming on these trees that the green of the fallen leaves is barely visible.

Dropped yellow poinciana blossoms create a fantastic gold carpeting on the Le Loi institution lawn.

Trung Kien, a digital photographer from Ho Chi Minh City, was surprised to see the brilliant yellow poinciana flowers in early springtime. Kien said he utilized to recognize the red as well as purple variations of the flower, however not the yellow one. “The best point is that the whole tree has lots of blossoms with no fallen leaves.”

The yellow poinciana tree has an upright, branched trunk near the top. Each top has greater than a loads main blossom branches, as well as each major branch has 6 to 8 sub-branches. Each sub-branch has 30 to 40 buds, developing a bunch of flowers.

According to the teachers of Le Loi Institution, the yellow poinciana flowers grew a lot more equally this year, drawing in several vacationers to take photos.

Numerous female pupils keep the yellow poinciana blossoms in their notebooks to tape-record this lovely time of the year.

” This is the third school year we have observed the yellow poinciana flowers grow,” claimed an 8th-grade women trainee at Le Loi High School. “We are all thrilled to take pictures of these trees.”

The steps to Pho Do Pagoda in Di Linh District are covered with yellow poinciana blossoms.

In the midst of green tea hills in close-by Bao Loc Town, many yellow poinciana trees stand alone, presenting a poetic scene as well as drawing vacationers

Yellow poinciana trees are considered a springtime symbol of Bao Loc, and also they attract numerous professional photographers to the area throughout this moment of year.