Digital Ministry did not know anything about the Hessian Luca alternative

Hessen participates in the Luca app for tracking corona contacts. An alternative from Alsfeld, also presented by the regional council of Giessen, went unnoticed. Among other things, out of ignorance.

Pioneer: The British health service NHS has been running a tracking app since summer 2020, and Alsfeld entrepreneurs also offer something like this

Se since last late autumn, two entrepreneurs from Alsfeld in Central Hesse have been promoting an internet app that they have launched and available to track corona contacts. “Nowayt” is the name of the product of their start-up Connect2. At the end of March, the Hessian digital ministry announced: Hesse is introducing the Luca app. Behind this offer is among others Smudo from the hip-hop band “Die Fantastischen Vier”. When the responsible Wiesbaden ministry sent the message to the Luca app, it knew nothing of the development in Hesse. A spokesman said this when asked by the FAZ: “The process of the Nowayt / Connect2 company was not known to the Hessian Ministry of Digital Affairs.” The spokesman did not explain further.

The idea of ​​the app: It should combine several existing isolated solutions into one overall solution. For the recording of quick tests and contacts. It is therefore similar to the Luca approach. According to their own words, the Alsfeld entrepreneurs nevertheless turned to the State Chancellery and the Federal Government in vain. As a representative of the administrative level directly below the state government, the Giessen regional president presented the Alsfeld entrepreneurs in late autumn in his series “Auf eine Telko …”, in which he emphasizes encouragement from Central Hesse.