Discount for the eye only, more in the cellar. Beware of the risks of discount purchases

They love discounts and that is why all the people hear about group shopping on discount portals. But it is necessary that some offers are not frov. For an attractive price, you can have an unpleasant experience and find out that the discount is not difficult at all.

The example is Lenka from Prague. She wanted to try the masses, the discount was very tempting. But as she found out, she bought a voucher for a strange cellar with an unexpected stump. esk masrka was a grain, but perfectly melted. She didn’t like the environment of the salon either, and she showed the customers during the patina meat that it was over here. “I left with my hair tangled. To protect them, at least with a rune, it was probably necessary for the salon, ”said Lenka.

Veronika has an unpleasant experience. She ordered Thai meat 14 days in advance and traveled to Prague for it. When she arrived at the salon on the corner of Pask Street, no one was anywhere, just a drill who said that the salon was being built. “No one bothered to call me. If I did not drink on the order in advance, or canceled it the day before, the company reserved the first time that the voucher for 690 crowns would be forfeited without payment, ”says Veronika, who wants to return his pension.

The price is artificial, the discount is practically no

Similarly, discount benefits are not unique. Some companies have tasted this new field of business and start trying out various tactics on how to get a pension out of the people. You can start working in this young, not even two-year-old business field, and this is a large pension in the breath of hundreds of millions of crowns. In most cases, half of the discounts are provided for discounts and some even more.

According to the dTest consumer counseling center, there are many cases where the discount is not so full of a discount, but a completely standard offer. “Some customers have the right impression that they have received half the service for half the price,” points out Martin Vernerov, the head of the counseling center.

Wash the various artificial bales, which were added to the ice, so that it is not possible to find out what the customer pays for. There are also many cases that the company in an effort to make as many changes as possible. The city in a pleasant environment then the customer enjoys a discount in cities he would never enter.

Companies look from one discount portal to another

Some providers of mass discounts can prepare their customers and give an unforgettable benefit: “Do I have a discount? So poke! You know it’s cheaper, not the next guest. ”

“Customers often complain that the staff treats them literally as a verbal and pernicious kind of category, which, however, cannot be complained about long enough. We are also registering cases where the seller limited the appropriate offer only to new customers, he moved the existing ones, ”explains the first Vernerov.

The boom is so discount tourism. Sellers and service providers look from one discount portal to another to sell as many vouchers as possible. When they reject them somewhere, try it next time and in most cases it will work for them. If they lack the capacity to handle the customer, they do not take them into account. Or calculate in advance that the customer order will fail when the voucher fails in the hundreds. There are even cases where retailers have seen so much in discounts that they have set up their own “discounts”.

In Czech, a black list of dishonest suppliers is being prepared

“The discount port is a timely idea for new customers. But he must fight with peace. If you want to work and sell your services and goods at full price, you must not miss it and you should get a discount portl no more than two or a half a year, “to Romana Sudov, co-founder of Slevomat, who started this business first in April 2010 and gave him and his name.

Since then, similar servers have grown rapidly. Today, according to expert estimates, there are about 250 of them in the Czech Republic. ”Compared to abroad, this is a huge number. There are only about twenty big ones, many of them were formed on the knee, some disappear, they were created. This is not the case, ”explains Romana Sudov.

As he added, he tried to do business in this field during the year and perhaps anyone who can work with websites. “The discount portal system can even be bought,” Sudov said. Regarding partners, whether their offers are frov, bag u a number of “discount entrepreneur” nedoke or not.

But sometimes they don’t even see it in big discounts. Therefore, most of them now consider that a black list of dishonest suppliers will be created in the Czech Republic, they will not want to cooperate with them. “It should be created in about a month,” to Sudov. Customers get information about who does not play in the discount store. Sudov does not want to mention how many companies will appear on the black list and who they will be.

It pays to follow the discussion fra and not to complain

And how to choose a first discount offer and not fulfill yourself? Before buying, it is always worth inviting discussions and specialized fra. If no one has tried the discount, look for the contributions of people who have two promising experiences with the given product. When you come across a negative evaluation, you better avoid buying. Take the recommended friends and friends who have you experience.

Always read all the information regarding the discount. The conditions of its application may have various restrictions, which can be paid in advance. For example, check whether the voucher can be issued only on weekdays or even on weekends and at what time. Or whether you will pay extra for additional goods.

Note the validity of the voucher. The validity should be optimal plron. If you submit a short-term voucher for a very attractive price, try to book a city immediately, so find out how long you will wait and how much capacity your company has. Find out information about the discount portal, if you do not have a public message, IO, contact details and telephone customer line, you should contact elsewhere.

If you fly or you are not satisfied with the service, file a complaint. “The procedure did not differ from the standard complaint. The customer therefore turns to the service provider and the seller with their requirements. If the company cannot be traced, because, for example, it has established an establishment, we recommend that you contact the discount portals directly, ”concludes the first Martin Vernerov.

How do you have experience with discount portals?

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