Eight tips on how to kick in the work and bt spn

He is reluctant to meet his work duties. But when you start rolling the wheels in front of you and put them away for later, it’s hard to fight the darkness. Otherwise, you can honor it on your own dog and in the professional process, you will be honored by those who can walk in it.

According to experts, procrastination, ie in the postponement of work duties and bicycles, especially unpleasant ones, is not at all lazy. In many cases, it is a matter of taking up a lot of working time and, moreover, mental health.

If you are resorting to procrastination and you may sweat, first try to answer for yourself, for which you do not like to deal with the important work wheels. It may be because you waste a lot of time and it would be faster for others. Or the reason may be, for example, that the entered wheel is more accurate and you always have to concentrate perfectly on it.

When you answer a basic question, often roll a number of wheels in front of you, try an eight-point full that will allow you to grow above the spread.

Eight points full against procrastination:

  1. Take care of unpleasant activities immediately. What is pry is pry. When you ride such a bike, you will be able to embark on pleasant bikes much more freely.
  2. Prepare everything you need for the unpleasant work of office supplies, papers, sweat. At least give me something. Then don’t do anything. After a while vs. nothing, you will stop having fun and have fun.
  3. Set for yourself the date by which you want to get the job done.
  4. If you do not want to fill the bike, or do not know some information, ask and sew the information. This will start you.
  5. Realize what you lose by sliding the wheel. It can be a recognized fact, but mainly a loss of your inner peace, because you still think about unmarried work.
  6. Do you have a problem? Break down the big, at first cluttered-looking wheels in the city, and suddenly it goes by itself.
  7. Promise yourself some reward for your work. That vs will motivate. It can be something material, something nice that you want to buy, but also a nice evening with your friends or family.
  8. For smaller bikes that you have to do on a trial basis, first complete one thing and then start another. If you don’t, it will mean in your head that you have to do something important and it will slow down when you start working. For all of these projects, first divide them into cities and then share them with small activities, you can’t do everything at once.

spn lid se nesna bt perfektn

Make yourself spill out which wheels are urgent and cast, and which are cast, but don’t rush so much. At the same time, it is good to know that the people follow a simple rule: “Most of them do not rush and most of them rush are not important.”

You don’t know how to be perfect. spn people work with reason. Adjust the time schedule of your working day to your needs and fulfill it with peace. You will find interesting and difficult bikes with a routine agenda, which can be handled automatically, without the need to relax and get some rest.

During the working day, always sweat with enough spare time. Therefore, do not fill all day until the last minute, but leave at least 40 percent of the time for a spontaneous event. Don’t let anyone chase you, not even colleagues who work more efficiently than you. They need different people for a long time for their work activity.

Fill the free time into the schedule, but do not decide in advance what you will do during the relaxation phase. Spontaneously, then pay attention to the first mood and do not worry about the wrong conscience that you did not use the working time optimally and did not work and until it was completely exhausted.

Prepared according to the book by Simone Janson How not to be perfect but spn