Employee accuses Amazon of racism

A manager accuses the online retailer Amazon of discriminating against her because of her skin color. According to the presentation of the discrimination lawsuit, this is not an isolated case.

Amazon logo on a building of the American company

Dhe online retailer Amazon is facing a legal dispute in which he is accused of discriminating against black employees. A manager in the “Cloud Computing” division of Amazon Web Services has now filed a lawsuit for damages against the company, in which it is said that she was exposed to a “systemic pattern of insurmountable discrimination based on her skin color and gender”.

Amazon hired her four years ago and placed her at a lower management level than her application and qualifications corresponded to. Nevertheless, she took on tasks that were intended for the next higher management level, but was only promoted after two and a half years.

According to the presentation in the lawsuit, this is not an isolated case. Amazon regularly hires black employees at lower levels than whites with comparable qualifications and also pays them less. The manager, who is still with the company, is demanding compensation in an unquantified amount. The lawsuit comes a few days after a detailed report by the online portal “Recode”, in which current and former Amazon employees spoke of far-reaching discrimination against black employees.