End of illusions

The additional restrictions on individual freedom are not to be taken lightly. Politicians have to keep questioning how long they can be justified. But at this hour, consistent control of the pandemic has priority.

Chancellor Angela Merkel: “Today is really not the day to look back now or to ask in any way what would have happened if.  It is the day to do what is necessary.

Dhe fight against the virus is like a long-distance run without a fixed destination and in miserable weather. This constant stress makes many people understandably grumpy and crumbling, especially since hopes of an untimely end have betrayed them. There were many illusions: in the summer the view was widespread that there was no threat of a second wave; therefore, the restrictions on personal freedoms that were still in force at the time were often criticized.

When the second wave could no longer be denied, politicians (with the exception of the Federal Chancellor), many citizens and many representatives of the business community consoled themselves with the idea that a moderate increase in restrictions – which was perceived as a lockdown, but was not one – would be sufficient, to ensure the protection of health and the protection of the economy at the same time. Anyone who expressed doubts about the wisdom of this approach quickly fell under suspicion of scaremongering. And when, contrary to expectations, the number of newly infected people did not fall, they consoled themselves with the hope that the German healthcare system would somehow master every challenge thanks to an impressive international comparison of intensive care beds. That was the next illusion.

Because the number of infected and dead is increasing and more and more news about the threat of excessive demands on the health system is coming to light, politicians are finally acting energetically. Individual measures can be arguably arguable, but most people, apart from the unteachable, should understand that the time of illusions must end if the pandemic is not to get out of hand.

Yes, the additional restrictions on individual freedom associated with the new measures are of course not to be taken lightly. Politicians must repeatedly question how long these restrictions can be justified. But at this hour, a consistent fight against the pandemic has priority, because only this approach promises to get the plague under control as soon as possible. This is also the best solution for business.