Every fourth provider wants to give up because of Corona

Despite the prospect of easing: More than half of all holiday home landlords see their existence threatened. For some providers, domestic trips from Pentecost come too late.

A holiday park in Saxony-Anhalt

NAfter a six-month ban on accommodation, many landlords of holiday apartments and holiday homes complain about the significant effects of the Corona crisis – and are pressing for easing. As shown in a survey published on Wednesday by the German Holiday House Association and the German Tourism Association among landlords, more than half of them (55.1 percent) see their existence threatened. The associations therefore called for the holiday homes to be opened to vaccinated, recovered and tested guests in all regions with an incidence that is stable below 100.

“We appeal to the federal states to finally take concrete steps to reopen tourism. The uncertainty and lack of prospects must come to an end, ”said Göran Holst, chairman of the German holiday home association. For the online survey on the mood in the industry, in which around 10,000 landlords took part in April, they were asked about general booking trends and the economic situation of their property.

Abandoned by politics

Every fourth landlord is already considering giving up their property; 31.5 percent have invested in a holiday home to make provisions for old age; for every fifth person renting a holiday home is the main source of income. The hosts’ situation was “dramatic and alarming,” said Norbert Kunz from the German Tourism Association. Private landlords did not receive any Corona aid, but would have to continue to pay loans and maintenance costs.

According to the survey, 91.4 percent feel they have been let down by politics, only 19 percent consider the corona measures to be appropriate. Studies by the RKI have shown that there is no increased risk of infection from the guest accommodation, explained the associations. Almost all landlords had already invested in protective and hygiene measures last summer. They could not profit: 85.7 percent of the landlords complained of a loss of turnover in 2020.

More than two thirds of the landlords currently receive few or no bookings. If this continues, the summer season threatens to “fall into the water”, warned Holst. He hopes that the plans in Lower Saxony will provide a signal effect, which will provide for the opening of restaurants and hotels under strict conditions from May 10th.