Excessive salaries and a pompous reception

The supervisory board of the state-owned Autobahn GmbH has apparently refused to discharge the managing directors because the manager’s salaries were too high. Transport Minister Scheuer asked for a crisis discussion.

The A10 and A13 motorways meet at Schönefelder Kreuz.

Dhe supervisory board of the state-owned company for the maintenance of the motorways has apparently found serious deficiencies in the work of the management. As reported by the magazine “Spiegel”, the committee is said to have refused discharge last Friday and reprimanded Anne Rethmann, the managing director responsible for finances, and her two colleagues Stephan Krenz and Gunther Adler.

According to the report, external special auditors found that executives had been hired on multiple occasions with excessive salaries. “The requirements of the supervisory board have not been implemented in the contracts, but have been changed,” said a member of the supervisory body to the magazine. In addition, a New Year’s reception is said to have been celebrated so pompously that the supervisory board did not attend.

The politicians on the supervisory board had a crisis discussion with the responsible Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (CSU) last week. Scheuer is said to have promised that he would talk to the management. The Ministry of Transport stated that the board of directors had taken note of the special auditors’ recommendations on how “such processes could be prevented in the future”. And further: The discharge of the management is planned for the supervisory board meeting in November.