Exhibit showcases rare photos of diva Hong Nhung, legendary composer Trinh Cong Son

A collection of previously hidden pictures including fabulous author Trinh Cong Son spending time with queen Hong Nhung for three decades is on show in HCMC.

Trinh Cong Boy– called the “Bob Dylan of Vietnam” by American folk singer Joan Baez– and also Hong Nhung talk with each other before lunch at some time in 1993.

They were talking about the song “Bong Bong Oi,” which was just one of 3 tracks especially created for the vocalist by the late expert author.

Although there are a lot of scratches on the picture, professional photographer Duong Minh Long kept it due to the fact that he liked the its sorrowful vibe.

The picture was introduced to the public for the very first time during the image event “Giot Nuoc Return Of Investment Tren Kinh,” (The Rolling Bead On the Glass), which opened up April 1 in Ho Chi Minh City.

Hong Nhung claims that she still bears in mind every detail exchanged between her and the artist during their break in the center of tape-recording an album. They were sitting on the staircases, and also behind them a poster of a well-known album by proficient singer Khanh Ly was hung on the wall.

At that time, Hong Nhung had actually just relocated to southern Vietnam to develop her occupation.

She remembered that she and the famous composer were tape-recording at an old musical comedy in Area 3, where she needed to leave her automobile in an exclusive parking lot outside as well as go through a market prior to getting to the theater. “After entering the theater, all the sound disappeared,” she remembered. “There was a peaceful ambience inside, and the only audio I could hear was the songs and also others singing.”

Trinh Cong Son offered a flower arrangement to Hong Nhung throughout an efficiency at the Nhac Sy place in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, in 1997.

The Vietnamese queen shared that the majority of the pictures exhibited were unknown to her. She could not also remember the celebrations on which some photos were taken.

The two musicians after a session in 1994. Child had been estimated as stating: “I like exactly how Hong Nhung brings a fresh ambience to my tunes. She makes them current. Via her performances, my works come to be appropriate in the current period, and also not just echoes from the past.”

Hong Nhung remembered that during her initial experience with Child, when she was 21, she murmured “Hello uncle,” which was a Vietnamese pronoun made use of to call males that are several years older. Trinh Cong Kid responded “Am I your loved one?” as well as asked the singer to call him “anh” – a Vietnamese pronoun typically made use of to call males that are a few years older than the audio speaker. “Ever since, I described Trinh Cong Son only as ‘anh,'” she claimed.

The singer connected the close relationship in between her as well as the professional artist to the fact that both were shy however enjoy joking around. When she initially met him, she was hated by many individuals for “hanging out with a renowned artist in spite of being slim, awful, and having dark skin.” Yet she didn’t let herself be impacted by those words, because she was adored by the artist. Trinh Cong Boy as soon as suggested her, “Just steadly wave and say hello to your life.”

Along with the photos of Hong Nhung as well as Trinh Cong Child, numerous photos at the event function Hong Nhung in her early-twenties. They consist of one photo of her taken in 1991 at her home in Van Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City.

Hong Nhung when she had a snaggletooth, distinguished eyes, and bangs.

Hong Nhung’s innocent charm influenced the musician to make up the tune “Thuo Bong La Nguoi” (When Bong Was Human), which includes a line saying “Bong had a good time with the sea. Bong had fun in the hills. Bong enjoyed with me.”

Hong Nhung as well as her papa – translator Le Van Vien. The digital photographer once thought about not consisting of the photo in the exhibit as the singer’s dad was partially nude, however the vocalist herself asked him to exhibit it, as she liked the comfortable ambiance of the picture.

Duong Minh Long and Trinh Cong Kid in Color in 1995. Long was birthed in 1962 in Hanoi, as well as used to work as a photographer at the Lao Dong newspaper in between 1991 as well as 1998. Throughout the duration in between 1984 as well as 2004, he had 25 personal events in Vietnam as well as likewise in several European countries.

The photographer very first met the artist in 1990, after coming back from Moscow, to hold his very first personal event. Ever since, Duong Minh Long followed Trinh Cong Kid as well as captured his life for 11 years, including four years residing in the very same residence with the late musician. He estimated that he had in between 9,000 and 10,000 pictures of Trinh Cong Kid. Over the past 28 years, the digital photographer relocated 28 times, yet he still maintained around 100 kgs of files and also products regarding Trinh Cong Child.