Facebook and Axel Springer agree on cooperation

After years of dispute, Facebook and the media group want to work together globally. In future, Axel Springer content will also be distributed via “Facebook News”.

The logo of the media group Axel Springer at the Axel Springer Passage in Berlin

AAfter years of legal disputes, xel Springer and Facebook surprisingly agreed on a comprehensive cooperation. The media group and Facebook announced on Monday in Berlin that the cooperation was set up worldwide and aimed at distributing content. According to this, Axel Springer content is to be increasingly distributed in various offers on the platform, including in the “Facebook News” product. The deal also includes video content from the Springer Group. Neither side wanted to provide any information about the financial conditions.

Facebook announced in March that it would present news content from numerous publishers including the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and media brands from Germany in a separate area. The media companies are paid to link content to “Facebook News” that was previously not shown on the platform. But they don’t have to be specially produced for Facebook. At that time, the name Axel Springer was not on the list of publishers that cooperate with Facebook.

In the meantime, the publisher, which has the media brands “Bild” and “Welt” in its portfolio, and Facebook have signed a letter of intent. Expressly excluded from this is the future press ancillary copyright, explained Springer. Like other publishers, Germany’s largest publisher expects the implementation of EU law in Germany to give itself a better negotiating position vis-à-vis US platforms such as Google and Facebook.

The CEO of Axel Springer, Mathias Döpfner, said that the global cooperation was a strategic milestone for the company and the entire industry. “The relationship between content providers and platforms has now become fairer and more predictable for both sides.” Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, said that people who searched for news on Facebook should have access to content that has the diversity and depth of the Covered topics that are most important to them. “With the introduction of Facebook News and the global partnership with Axel Springer, we can offer people an even greater selection of reliable journalistic content from a variety of media brands.”