Facebook plans to compete with Clubhouse

From summer onwards, Facebook wants to test its own product for the current audio hype. Clubhouse, however, is valued at a new billion.

The Clubhouse and Facebook apps

Dhe plans of Facebook to offer a product competing with the audio platform Clubhouse are becoming more concrete. The social network announced on Monday a new offer called “Live Audio Rooms” that will be tested from this summer. It is to be made available via Facebook’s main service and the Messenger platform.

Clubhouse started about a year ago and is an audio service that allows its members to have live discussions. The platform experienced a surge in popularity, especially in the first few months of this year, also in Germany. According to its own information, it had ten million users a week in February, five times as many as in January. As market research data on downloaded smartphone apps suggest, the euphoria seems to have cooled down a bit recently.

Clubhouse is arguably worth $ 4 billion

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spoken a few times on Clubhouse. His company is known for developing copies of other services. For example, it has taken over the popular “Stories” function from its competitor Snapchat, which only displays content temporarily.

The success of Clubhouse has not only brought Facebook to the scene. Twitter is also currently testing a comparable audio service called “Spaces”. Meanwhile, Clubhouse has again raised money from investors. The company did not publicize the valuation, but media reports put it at $ 4 billion. Clubhouse had only completed a financing round in January, when the value was set at one billion dollars.