After the death of a child, the fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton recalls a treadmill model in the USA. In total, there are supposed to have been dozen incidents in which children were injured.

The carpet of a Peloton Tread treadmill that is now being recalled.

NAfter the death of a child, the fitness equipment manufacturer Peloton is recalling a treadmill model in the USA. The consumer protection agency CPSC warned on Wednesday that “adults, children and animals” could be pulled under the Tread + treadmill and injured or killed in the process.

Customers should stop using the exercise bike immediately and contact Peloton for a return and a refund for the approximately $ 4,300 (3600 euros) fitness machine. Around 125,000 devices are affected.

Company regrets late response

Recently, a six-year-old child was killed while being pulled under the carpet on the treadmill. According to the consumer protection authority, a total of 72 incidents were reported. In 29 cases, children were injured. They suffered abrasions, broken bones and open injuries, among other things.

The CPSC had already warned in mid-April about the treadmill operated by the Peloton company, whose high-tech fitness equipment had sold extremely well during the corona pandemic. The New York company rejected the warning as “inaccurate and misleading” and declined a recall.

Now Peloton backed out and agreed to a voluntary recall. Peloton boss John Foley apologized for the company’s initial response on Wednesday. “Peloton made a mistake.” Foley said they should have been “more productive” with the agency from the start.

Stock market price collapses

The company also recalled a second treadmill on Wednesday, its Model Tread. There is a risk that the exercise bike screen will come off and fall. In the US, only 1,050 devices are affected by the recall. According to the US Consumer Protection Agency, minor injuries from falling touchscreens have been reported in Canada and the UK, but not in the US.

On the US stock exchange, the Peloton share initially reacted to the announcement with a drop of more than twelve percent. The company presented its quarterly figures on Thursday. With its stationary bikes, for example, it benefited from a wave of home fitness during the coronavirus pandemic.

Investors had already distanced themselves from Peloton before the recall. Among other things, due to delays in the delivery of the devices, the shares of the New York-based company had fallen 36 percent this year. The stock currently has the worst performance on the Nasdaq 100 stock index, having more than quintupled in value in 2020.