Foreign deportations in Bali on the rise

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Foreign Deportations in Bali: An Alarming Trend

Introduction to the Rise in Bali Deportations

Ever traveled to Bali, the paradise on earth? While it’s a haven for tourists, recent stats show an increase in foreign deportations, causing a stir in travel communities. Let’s dive into what’s happening.

Analyzing the Numbers: A Comparative Look

2022 vs. 2023: A Close Look

In just seven months of 2023, Bali has seen 198 foreign deportations, which surpasses the entire 2022’s count of 188. Quite a jump, isn’t it?

The Nationalities Most Affected

It’s intriguing to note that the primary deportees hail from Russia, the U.S., and the U.K. Does this make you wonder why these specific nationalities are leading the list?

Root Causes: Why The Spike in Deportations?

Overstayed Visas: A Major Concern

Many of us dream of extending our holidays, but some tourists take it a bit too literally! The majority of deportations arise from overstaying visas. It’s like overstaying your welcome at a party, but with stricter consequences.

Illegal Work: The Silent Culprit

Ever thought of making a quick buck while vacationing? Some foreigners do, and they’re getting caught. Illegal work follows closely behind as a reason for the increasing deportations.

Indonesia’s Shift in Tourism Strategy

High-Quality Tourism: A New Aim

It’s not just about numbers for Indonesia anymore. The focus is shifting to promote high-quality tourism. Remember the adage, “quality over quantity”? That’s precisely Indonesia’s current mantra for Bali.

Reducing Low-Spending Tourists

Bali, despite its allure, aims to minimize the influx of low-spending tourists. Sounds like a bold move, but will it pay off?

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Maintaining Bali’s Reputation: New Measures Introduced

The Task Force Initiative

Misbehaving in paradise? Not on Indonesia’s watch! A new task force has been rolled out to ensure tourists toe the line and help maintain Bali’s sterling reputation.

Why The Stricter Visa Policies?

A change in the wind is felt with Indonesia suspending its visa-free entry for a whopping 159 countries outside ASEAN. Concerns of public order disruptions and disease transmission are cited. Makes you think, is it a cautionary step or an overreach?

A Historical Perspective: Visa Policies Over the Years

Since 2016, Indonesia has been lenient, waiving visa requirements for 169 countries, including ASEAN member countries. This open-door policy was indeed a warm welcome. But with the new changes, is Indonesia becoming more reserved?


Bali’s deportation surge may seem alarming, but it’s part of Indonesia’s evolving tourism strategy. As the dynamics change, it’s a reminder for tourists: abide by the rules, respect the host nation, and enjoy the paradise responsibly.


  1. Why is there a rise in Bali deportations in 2023 compared to 2022?
    • The main causes are overstaying visas and engaging in illegal work.
  2. Which nationalities are most affected by the deportations?
    • Tourists from Russia, the U.S., and the U.K. lead the count.
  3. What is Indonesia’s new tourism strategy for Bali?
    • Indonesia is focusing on high-quality tourism and reducing low-spending tourists to uplift Bali’s tourism quality.
  4. Why has Indonesia introduced stricter visa policies?
    • Concerns about disruptions in public order and potential disease transmission are the driving factors.
  5. Did Indonesia have an open visa policy before?
    • Yes, since 2016, visa requirements were waived for travelers from 169 countries, including ASEAN members.
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