Frankfurt now in second place in Europe

Frankfurt is catching up in the competition for data centers in Europe. Other cities are pulling out of court for the energy-hungry industry.

Cooling technology on the roof of a Frankfurt data center.  They account for around half of the energy consumption of the data center.

IIn Amsterdam they wanted it that way. In 2019, the Dutch city announced a temporary freeze on construction for data centers and within a year it lost its importance for the industry: Frankfurt is now the second most important location for data centers in Europe after London. And while sports ground-sized cold stores for the server cabinets of cloud providers and social media portals are still being built in both cities, there are no noteworthy construction projects planned in Amsterdam for the time being.

The industry experts from the brokerage company JLL awarded the new placements in a study on the global development of the most important data center locations in 2020. The “Datacenter Outlook” looks at the colocation industry, i.e. providers who erect the special buildings with cooling, security measures, and power and network connections and then sublet their interiors to various users – such as Internet companies. The operators have been making good profits with this business model for years and the growth forecasts are impressive. As a result, the JLL study identifies data centers as good investment targets for investors almost everywhere. For Frankfurt, too, the authors see good earning opportunities and further needs for years to come.