Gigantic pet cat statues take spotlight on Nguyen Tone Blossom Street

Two days before opening up, the Nguyen Hue Blossom Street, a top tourist destination during the Tet vacation, is populated with colorful floral plans and 70 sculptures of pet cats in different dimensions.

Nguyen Shade Blossom Road in Area 1, among the largest annual attracts Vietnam’s southern metropolis during the Lunar New Year holiday, is virtually all set after half a month of hard work.

This year, the 600-meter-long road is set up to open up to the general public from 7 p.m. Thursday.

The Year of the Cat begins this Sunday, but Vietnamese begin appreciating their seven-day Tet break from Friday.

A mommy pet cat as well as her kittens are surrounded by a spot of colorful flowers at the section near the HCMC Individuals’s Board head office.

Unlike in previous years, the mascot is no more the family reunion photo at the entryway of the flower street.

Instead, a five-meter-tall mommy cat model rests there upright, its tail is twisted around it’s back as if it is protecting its cubs.

The mascots are made of foam and also are painted in different colors.

A cat couple, 4.5 m as well as 5.5 m high, are covered with tarpaulins to eliminate the dirt as employees remain in a rush to finish the decorations in time.

The design recreates the normal Vietnamese calico feline, a residential feline with a tri-color layer.

Pet cats with calico coloration are believed to bring best of luck in the mythology of numerous societies.

Throughout the blossom street, there are 70 cat mascots of numerous shapes and sizes made from various materials such as foam, iron, terracotta as well as fresh flowers.

Aware is a three-meter-tall cat version, produced by a combination of iron, foam and eco-friendly sawdust.

A Chibi-style cat with distinctive big eyes.

A design of three pet cats viewing a college of fish.

As in previous years, the blossom street uses eco-friendly and also reusable products such as metal, foam, rattan, bamboo, block and also material.

This year notes the 20th anniversary of the flower road, which took place to become one of the city’s visitor signs throughout the Tet vacation.

There will be a scene this year including statuaries of mascots that have actually shown up on the blossom road over the past two decades.

One of the highlights of this year’s blossom road is a 30-meter-long wood bridge going across a blossom bed.

Greater than 100 employees are active preparing flowers in various scenes, attaching the electric system as well as cleaning up toilet facilities.

“This is the 13th year I have joined in enhancing the Nguyen Tone Blossom Road, mostly pruning trees and also watering flowers,” said Tran Ngan Tuan, 50, while watering flowers.

The Flower Road will be open up until next Thursday, the fifth day of the initial lunar month.