Greyhound is discontinuing all routes in Canada

The legendary Greyhound buses have been bringing people together in America for more than 100 years. Now it’s over in Canada – many people are dependent on the buses.

Company buses in Toronto, Canada

Dhe iconic US bus operator Greyhound closes its Canadian business. “Unfortunately, a full year with no sales made it impossible to continue operations. Many thanks to our dedicated staff for their dedication and service as well as to our customers who chose Greyhound Canada in better times, ”the company announced. The decision will take effect immediately.

In the United States, the Greyhound bus has long been a transportation legend with over 100 years of history, during which the company brought the country between the Pacific and Atlantic together. In even larger Canada with significantly fewer inhabitants, business turned out to be very difficult. Greyhound discontinued its routes in the west of the country as early as 2018, citing a declining number of customers and competition from other bus companies and trains as reasons. The corona pandemic then caused demand on the remaining routes to collapse by 95 percent – in May 2020 Greyhound therefore decided to temporarily suspend journeys.

The company announced that tickets would be refunded. The cross-border routes between the big cities of Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver and destinations in the USA would be driven again as soon as the border was open again.

Canada’s Minister of Transport, Alghabra, said many Canadians are dependent on the greyhound – the government will now “examine options to fill this void”. Union leader John Costa called the withdrawal “devastating news.” The Greyhound bus has been the only way to connect people in small towns across Canada with larger cities for generations. In addition, 400 drivers would lose their jobs.