Ha Long Bay, Hoi An among top travel destinations depicted on banknotes: SCMP

Hong Kong paper South China Morning Post has actually named Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay and also Hoi A town amongst the globe’s finest vacationer destinations showing up on banknotes.
The 20,000-dong banknotes are adorned with a picture of the Japanese Pagoda Bridge, a symbol of Hoi An.

Built by Japanese traders in the 17th century, the bridge covers 18 meters over a canal that faces the Thu Bon River. There is a tiny shrine built at one end of the bridge in 1653 that provides it its name.

The limestone mountains in Ha Long Bay show up on VND200,000 bills.

Two hours from Hanoi by road, Ha Long is famous for its cruise trips via the countless vegetation-covered islands and also towering limestone cliffs that populate its mist-shrouded bay.

The perfect time to visit the natural marvel is between March as well as April and also September as well as November because there is little rainfall and cruise ship conditions are near best.

Others on the SCMP checklist are Mount Everest on Nepal’s 1,000-rupee note, Mount Fuji on Japanese expenses, Banaue Rice Terraces on the Philippines’ 20-peso note, and the Red Fort on India’s 500-rupee note.