An email service from Microsoft is the target of a hacker attack. Six German authorities are also affected by the attack. The falls draw wide circles.

Microsoft Exchange is the target of a hacker attack: This affects the version of email that companies have installed in their own data centers.

VAccording to the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), six federal authorities are also affected by the hacker attacks on Microsoft’s e-mail programs. “There was a possible compromise in four cases,” said a security warning. Which authorities are affected was initially not clear on Tuesday. The BSI stated that it had offered help to all of these authorities and also supported some of them.

“The number of compromised Exchange systems reported to the BSI situation center is increasing continuously,” said the authority. It still applies that the security updates provided by Microsoft should be installed as soon as possible.

The hacker attack became known last week. The hackers targeted Microsoft’s Exchange email software, the version that companies installed in their own data centers, not the “cloud computing” version that runs on Microsoft’s systems themselves. The company made the attack public last Tuesday, identified Chinese government agencies as the masterminds and gave them the name “Hafnium”.

Spying in relation to the corona pandemic

Microsoft announced that a cyber espionage group with ties to China had hacked emails from customers through previously unknown vulnerabilities. The attacks were primarily directed against American research institutions dealing with pandemics, universities, law firms and armaments sector organizations. The Beijing government denied the allegations.