Hackers stole a lot of data from Tegut

The supermarket chain Tegut is a victim of hacker attacks. Sensitive information from the company is circulating on the Darknet. The criminals probably also have information about customers of the supermarket chain.

Target of hacker attacks: The company headquarters of Tegut.

FPhotos from the warehouse, guidelines for application procedures and annual interviews, minutes of meetings, sales calculations, budget statements, including personal information about employees – the criminals who had sneaked into the computer system of the Tegut supermarket chain made ample use there. The list of files that the hacker group Nefilim has been offering to everyone on its own portal in the so-called Darknet for two days is very long.

Knowledge has never been more valuable

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“The malicious software must have been active in the system for a while in order to transfer so much data,” speculates Silvana Rößler, head of the Security Incident Response & Digital Forensics department at Networker Solutions GmbH, based in Kronberg. She and her team have to deal with attacks similar to the one on the Fulda supermarket chain on a daily basis. She knows the malware used and what the criminals use to extort it. Rößler cannot only say who they are and from where they are up to mischief.