Hanoi among world’s top 10 cities for digital nomads: survey

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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has been ranked fourth among the top 10 global cities ideal for digital nomads, as per a study by the U.S. real estate firm, Commercial Search. The rankings were based on:

  1. Affordability: The average cost of living in Hanoi is around $1,700 per month. A night’s stay at a hotel averages $41, and a meal typically costs $2.20 per person. Public transportation in Hanoi is particularly economical, with tickets priced at merely 30 cents.
  1. Internet Speed: The city boasts an impressive average internet speed of 93 Mbps.
  2. Safety: The low crime rates in Hanoi make it attractive to foreigners.

The selection criteria for the cities included their population (cities with more than 400,000 residents were considered), affordability, internet speed, the availability of coworking spaces, entertainment options, and safety. The list was led by Bangkok, followed by Shanghai and Bucharest.

However, a significant point to note is that Vietnam hasn’t introduced a visa specifically targeting digital nomads, despite offering visa exemptions for nationals of 24 countries, allowing them to stay for periods between 15 to 30 days. In contrast, Southeast Asian neighbors like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia have already instituted special visa programs tailored for remote foreign workers, albeit with certain stipulations.

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