Hanoi gains tourism success from Blackpink shows


Hanoi’s Tourism Boom: The Blackpink Effect

Ever wonder how a single event can transform a city’s tourism scene? Let’s dive deep into how Blackpink, the K-pop sensation, painted Hanoi in shades of success!

The Spectacle of Blackpink in Hanoi

The weekend of July 29 and 30 saw Hanoi electrified. Over 60,000 fans gathered at My Dinh National Stadium, their energy palpable, waiting for Blackpink. This K-pop sensation’s Born Pink world tour had chosen Hanoi as its grand finale.

The Power of Blackpink’s Global Fandom

Blackpink isn’t just another girl band; they’re a global phenomenon. Their charm has ensnared hearts from Thailand to the Philippines. But why the hype? Well, apart from their stellar music and magnetic personalities, they bring with them a whirlwind of press coverage, global fan attention, and social media spotlight. These shows aren’t just concerts; they’re international events.

Show Highlights and Fan Experiences

With synchronized dance moves, vibrant stage setups, and heart-throbbing vocals, Blackpink left fans ecstatic. Fans not only from Vietnam but also from across the globe descended upon Hanoi, turning it into a global concert village for two nights.

Preparing Hanoi for the K-pop Invasion

You might ask, how did Hanoi handle this influx? The answer lies in proactive planning.

The Role of the Cultural and Tourism Sectors

Months ahead, Hanoi’s tourism and cultural sectors went into overdrive. Every detail, from managing crowds to promoting cultural heritage, was meticulously planned.

Efforts by Travel and Accommodation Services

Travel agencies, understanding the unique demographic of K-pop fans, crafted tours catering to the younger audience. Hotels? Oh, they were brimming with bookings much before the event, a testament to Blackpink’s pull.

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Impact on Tourism and Economy

Now, a band performing is good, but how does this affect Hanoi’s economy?

Skyrocketing Airfare and Hotel Bookings

Air tickets became hot commodities, prices soaring, yet demand unfazed. Hotels in proximity to the venue were booked solid, indicating the overwhelming influx of international fans.

The Rise in Tourist Numbers

Thanks to Blackpink, Hanoi saw a sharp uptick in its July tourist numbers, especially from countries like Thailand and China. To put it in numbers? A whopping 21.4% year-on-year increase, bringing in 2.38 million visitors!

The Global Trend: Musical Tourism

But here’s a thought: Is this Blackpink phenomenon unique to Hanoi?

How Music Lures Tourists Worldwide

Across the globe, cities are recognizing the potential of ‘musical tourism’. Youngsters are increasingly merging their love for travel and music, leading to this emerging trend.

Marketing Strategies in Musical Tourism

From artist-themed planes to concert merchandise, countries are capitalizing on these musical events to enhance tourism. Posters, products, services – it’s a whole ecosystem catering to the music-loving traveler.


Blackpink’s Hanoi shows underscore a broader trend: the power of music in global tourism. As cities worldwide gear up to host major music events, it’s clear that the rhythm of music and the allure of travel make for a harmonious duet.


  1. How many fans attended the Blackpink shows in Hanoi?
    • Over 60,000 fans attended the concerts.
  2. What was the name of Blackpink’s tour?
    • The tour was named the “Born Pink” world tour.
  3. Why was there a rise in airfares to Hanoi during the event?
    • The huge demand due to the concert led to airfares spiking.
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