Hanoi hotel has one of world’s best restaurants: CNN


When it comes to gastronomic experiences, Hanoi continues to make waves in the culinary world. CNN, a renowned media outlet, recently unveiled its list of the world’s 20 finest restaurants, and among the prestigious entries was Michelin-starred Hibana by Koki, located at the Capella Hotel in Hanoi. This exquisite restaurant, celebrated for its teppanyaki dishes and exceptional dining spaces, has garnered accolades and admiration from food connoisseurs worldwide. In this article, we delve into the artistry of Hibana by Koki, its mesmerizing offerings, and why it has become a must-visit destination for culinary enthusiasts.

A Culinary Gem in Hanoi

Hibana by Koki has etched its name as a culinary gem in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam’s cultural and culinary capital. Since its induction into the Michelin Guide with a prestigious one-star rating—the first ever in Vietnam—Hibana has been celebrated for its ingenuity and artistry in teppanyaki cuisine. Situated at the elegant Capella Hotel on Le Phung Hieu Street, the restaurant offers guests an extraordinary dining experience that blends Japanese culinary finesse with Vietnamese charm.

An Opulent Ambiance

As guests step into Hibana by Koki, they are greeted by an ambiance of opulence and sophistication. The restaurant boasts several secluded dining spaces, including four private dining rooms accommodating up to eight guests each and five others catering to parties of up to 16. Each dining space is thoughtfully designed to provide an intimate and exclusive setting, ensuring that diners can savor their meals in utmost privacy and comfort.

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Teppanyaki Delights

The heart of Hibana’s culinary magic lies in its teppanyaki dishes, an art form that involves skilled chefs grilling and preparing food on a flat iron griddle. With utmost precision and flair, the chefs create a theatrical dining experience, engaging diners in the culinary process. The teppanyaki performances add an element of entertainment to the meal, making it an unforgettable experience that tantalizes not just the taste buds but all the senses.

A Symphony of Ingredients

The culinary team at Hibana sources the finest ingredients from around the world to ensure an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant flows in ingredients such as abalone, spiny lobster, sea urchin, Yaeyama Kyori beef, and Hokkaido hairy crab twice a week, directly from Japan. These premium ingredients are skillfully incorporated into the teppanyaki dishes, resulting in a symphony of flavors that transport diners to the heart of Japan’s culinary traditions.

A Gastronomic Journey at Capella Hotel

Beyond the culinary delights, Capella Hotel on Le Phung Hieu Street offers a lavish retreat for discerning travelers. With 47 elegant rooms and suites overlooking the historic Old Quarter of Hanoi, guests can immerse themselves in the city’s rich cultural tapestry while enjoying the epitome of luxury and hospitality.

Southeast Asian Representations

Hibana by Koki is not the only Southeast Asian restaurant to make CNN’s illustrious list. Joining Hibana in this culinary celebration are two other remarkable restaurants—Côte By Mauro Colagreco at Capella Bangkok Hotel and Waku Ghin at Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel. The Southeast Asian region proudly boasts its culinary prowess and continues to shine on the global stage.

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The World’s Finest

Topping the list of the world’s finest restaurants is The Restaurant at Dolder Grand in Switzerland, followed closely by Hjem Restaurant at the Hadrian Hotel in the U.K. This global compilation showcases the diversity and brilliance of the culinary world, highlighting how it unites cultures and brings people together through shared moments of indulgence.

In conclusion, Hibana by Koki’s inclusion in CNN’s list of the world’s 20 finest restaurants is a testament to the exceptional culinary artistry it offers. From its exclusive dining spaces and teppanyaki delights to the symphony of premium ingredients sourced from Japan, the restaurant elevates dining to an unparalleled experience. For those seeking a culinary journey that marries Japanese finesse with Vietnamese warmth, Hibana by Koki is a must-visit destination, where culinary dreams are brought to life.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Hibana by Koki known for?

Hibana by Koki is renowned for its teppanyaki dishes, where skilled chefs grill and prepare food on a flat iron griddle, creating a theatrical dining experience.

2. What makes Hibana by Koki unique?

Hibana by Koki offers several secluded dining spaces, including private dining rooms, creating an intimate and exclusive setting for diners.

3. What are some of the premium ingredients used at Hibana by Koki?

Hibana by Koki sources premium ingredients such as abalone, spiny lobster, sea urchin, Yaeyama Kyori beef, and Hokkaido hairy crab directly from Japan.

4. Are there other noteworthy Southeast Asian restaurants on the list?

Yes, apart from Hibana by Koki, Côte By Mauro Colagreco at Capella Bangkok Hotel and Waku Ghin at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Hotel are also featured on CNN’s list of the world’s finest restaurants.

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5. What is the significance of Hibana by Koki’s Michelin star rating?

Hibana by Koki’s Michelin star rating is a prestigious recognition of its culinary excellence, and it marks the first-ever Michelin-starred restaurant in Vietnam.