Hanoi weekend: what to do and where to go


Hanoi Weekend: A Cultural Dive Oh, Hanoi! How can a city manage to be so rich in culture and yet so refreshing every weekend? This weekend in Hanoi offers something for every soul – from photography enthusiasts to jazz lovers. Ready to explore? Let’s dive in!

SICILY – A Pictorial Journey by Fulvio Bugani Have you ever been mesmerized by the captivating charm of Sicily? Leica Vietnam and Casa Italia are here to sweep you off your feet with a photography exhibition. Titled “SICILY,” this exhibition is more than just photographs; it’s a journey. With each shot, Fulvio Bugani narrates a story, capturing the island’s serene vibes, which stand in stark contrast to our chaotic lives. Open your eyes and heart to the tales of Sicily from Aug. 18-31 at Casa Italia.

SiaM vol. 27: A Musical Reminiscence Do you remember the joy of shared music experiences from childhood? “SiaM vol. 27: the soap bubbles” aims to recreate that very emotion. The sheer pleasure of piano duets awaits you. From Schubert’s Military March to Bizet’s playful pieces, it’s going to be a musical roller coaster. Book your weekend with melodies at Tita Art or Complex 01.

Triangle Concert Series: Love in Every Note Fancy a night of heartfelt melodies? KOSMOS Opera’s Episode 2, “Draw a Dream,” is here to tug at your heartstrings. With 14 different compositions, each tells a love story. Sounds dreamy, right? Let yourself get lost in tales of love this Friday at 65 Cam Hoi Street.

Crafting Traditions: The ‘To He’ Workshop Remember the joy of crafting something with your own hands? The ‘To He’ workshop is a tribute to Vietnam’s age-old rice toy tradition. Here’s your chance to learn, craft, and enjoy a day filled with tradition and creativity. And guess what? Tea and cake await you too! Head to Kim Dong Publishing House this Saturday for an experience like no other.

Soul-Jazz Night: A Nostalgic Resonance Turn back time and get groovy with the 1960s jazz at the JW Marriott Hotel Hanoi’s Cool Cats Jazz Club. An evening where blues meets gospel and creates magic. Bands, classics, and a signature cocktail – what more could one ask for on a weekend? See you there this Saturday!

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Conclusion Hanoi, with its rich tapestry of events, promises an engaging weekend. Whether it’s an aesthetic appreciation, a melodious night, or a crafty afternoon, Hanoi’s got you covered. Ready to make memories?


  1. Where can I see the SICILY photo exhibition?
    • It’s hosted at Casa Italia, No.18 Le Phung Hieu Street, Hoan Kiem District.
  2. What’s the highlight of the SiaM vol. 27 concert?
    • The joy of piano four-hand performances taking you through a musical journey.
  3. How much does the ‘To He’ workshop cost for adults?
    • It costs VND200,000 ($8) for adults.
  4. Is there a cocktail included at the Soul-Jazz Night?
    • Yes, the price includes a signature cocktail.
  5. Which event narrates love stories through music?
    • The Triangle Concert Series by KOSMOS Opera.