He appeared to put a fraudulent e-shop. Pension collects or does not deliver

A customer from Ostrava ordered goods on the portal www.24levne.cz before sending me goods. He paid them in advance by transfer from here. He has not yet received the goods and is not satisfied with the request for a refund. The company operating the portal does not communicate with it.

Fraudulent sites on the Internet are at stake

The customer sought help from the advisory line of the dTest citizen association consumer test. According to the first advisor to the magazine, Jan Votoka, customers at www.24levne.cz have the most frequent problems with unpaid goods.

There are also cases where customers received incomplete shipments, or completely different or not the one they ordered. As a result, there was a problem with complaints.

“In addition, the business violated the fact that he did not provide proof of payment for the instruction in the Czech language. It follows that the so-called ed imports, which have not yet been carried out in more detail. By e-shop choosing pensions or adding goods, he is suspected of having committed fraud, ”says Votoka.

Calls for blocking the presumption

Nowadays, the online store has grown to supply goods, even though they still offer them and accept payments of unsuspecting customers. Deceived customers thus probably have only one option: to withdraw from the contract and go to court enough to issue a payment order. However, this can take several months and at the same time it happens that the obtained pension disappears abroad, as in similar cases in the past. Therefore, the dTest magazine considers filing a criminal complaint.

“This store is also dangerous in that it offers a very wide range of goods, and therefore threatens to address far and many customers with its offer. That is why we called on the domain operator to block the store’s address, ”added Votoka.

Fraudulent e-shops appear often

Recently, fraudulent e-shops have appeared quite often. Even though they do not have a long life, because after finding out about their unfair practices, they are blocked, they manage to lose their pensions and hundreds of people who send their pensions to go before the delivery of goods.

Behind the online store, there is a sweep of a person, and the only one working will be the place where two customers send their pensions. dTest points out that in recent months it has been possible to meet other shops that did not deliver previously paid goods, such as www.elektro-galerie.cz, www.nakupuj.org, www.nejlevnejsiknihkupectvi.cz or www.knizkarna.cz. The operator of the shop www.lekarna-online.cz not only did not deliver the paid goods, but also did not offer the rightful liva at all.

Another portal, www.tech-shop.cz, focused on the collection of valuable personal customer data, which he collected under the mention of the offer of electronic goods. there was a place where you could send your pension.

The portal www.ms-2011.cz tends to pay a toll promise in business conditions as a competition for valuable prizes in the vicinity of the World Hockey Championship, and its price was subsequently enforced after the customers.