He looked for work and encountered discrimination. How to arm, advice lawyer

Looking for a new job after a fake is often difficult. A number of companies prefer young people, even if they don’t open it. Jan Kozubek from the law firm Becker & Poliakoff answers a number of years when he encounters discrimination when looking for a new job.


Karel applied for the job of idia in one crack of society. He is 60 years old and has twenty years of experience working as a sales representative in a German company, when he drove the car all over Europe.

“I’m out of my mind now. During the interview, it was clearly indicated to me that I was too old for this job. In my opinion, this is unacceptable discrimination. I am fully healthy in the horseshoe, ”he describes the unpleasant experience and asks:

Are I applying for a job that somehow discourages discrimination?
Urit me. The evidence of discrimination in access to employment is contained not only in the anti-discrimination law, but also in the employment law. If discrimination occurs, the person who has been affected by such an act has the first to turn to the court and demand that discrimination be stopped and that the consequences of the discriminated action be removed.

Where can I get the court?
In this particular case, when the city was denied due to age, it could be an offer of a job idea and come to work. According to the agreement, possibly financial compensation.

How one is the nature of discrimination?
The first regulations distinguish between direct and indirect discrimination. Direct discrimination is defined as one in which one person is treated favorably, not with another person in a comparable situation. This is due to race, ethnic origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability. , nboenskho religion, vry and worldview, but also because of age.

And what is nepm discrimination?
Indirect discrimination is when a seemingly neutral decision and procedure disadvantage a natural person. Therefore, rules and nazen are considered indirect discrimination.

Are there any opportunities to draw attention to discrimination?
In addition to the possibility of claiming, the first trial is the possibility of filing a complaint with a number of workers to carry out an inspection in the company due to discrimination. The complaint must be submitted to a series of works, in its area of ​​competence the company can communicate. The complaint should contain the contact and identification data of the person who encountered the discrimination, the identification of the employer and a description of the discriminated person who was in conflict with the employment law.