How to get the audience: You leave for at least two weeks, expert advice

Holidays with a work mobile at hand, company e-mail at your fingertips, best in July and only for a week. If this is what your lto usually looks like, then you are a holiday of ascetics. Just say no.


Someone wise said that it was permissible for a leader to see how much he missed us, but not long enough to understand that he could do without us.

Most of them have done this aphorism in such a way that it takes a week and a lot of free time. And when it comes to summer, the sun is shining and the office is unbearable, then it pays to turn your holiday into a little: Here is an extended weekend, there to join the July lights some day and go for a number of weeks to August.

In recent years, the trend of ours to take short holidays and weekends has deepened in our country, and most employees did not take full time off, points out the Czech holiday austerity, the director of the Profesia staffing agency, Zuzana Lincov.

The result? Summer becomes autumn, the rest of the days and energy for work is not enough. That is why we recommend at least a three-day holiday without perennials, so that the employee regenerates and clears his or her head of work matters, emphasizes Roman Rakov from the personnel consulting company McRoy Czech.

Co by tomu ekli kolegov?

Just explain something like that to a conservative echo. In practice, psychologist and personnel Tom Vak noticed in practice how employees, especially experienced ones, do not like when to leave the work team for a long time.

Don’t be afraid that they will fall out of the work process, they may come under pressure from the dark when they take a long vacation, explains the psychologist letting stress be put on their heads for a long time. There is nothing strange about the holidays during the week and part.

There are also many exceptions among Czech employees, as shown by the Profesia survey among almost 800 respondents. Although she confirmed that she would not give much for a long vacation, she also pointed out an interesting phenomenon, and that the furnaces only started to attract people who will leave without a hitch even on Sunday.

Almost 40 percent of respondents have a holiday of 14 days at a time and according to what is related to the start of the economy, comments Zuzana Lincov changes. Do not be afraid of your people, so respond in peace.

Petr z Liberce asks you the economic boom and the help of his employer. He takes a vacation only once, but on pt tdn.

I have a responsibility for responsibility, washing and time, and whenever I want to relax, I take it thoroughly. In addition, I do not have to pack, also balm only once and so on, explains the IT analyst, for he is practically moving to far abroad with the arrest of lta. This year, the Maldives won the Indian Award.

According to psychologists and personnel, Petr’s time. Because in order to really relax, you need at least two and the best weeks a week off. Only after 14 days do you stop thinking about work responsibilities, slow down and switch off. According to other psychological theories, preparing for a holiday tikrt ron causes so much stress that it perfectly neutralizes any beneficial effects of the holiday.